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Now the issue of employment in Russia has risenvery sharp. And so not everyone can find a suitable place for earning. At such moments, it is customary to enter the labor exchange or contact the employment agencies. One of these companies is exactly "Kelly Services".

But is it really worth contacting here? What do employees think about employment? Perhaps, there will be no sense in trying to cooperate? Then simply, without wasting time, it is more expedient to start a job search yourself. Judge about what the company "Kelly Services" is, according to numerous reviews of employees. Let's study them as soon as possible.


The first thing you need to pay attention toIs the company's activity. Sometimes this is already capable of alienating. "Kelly Services", as already mentioned, is a recruitment agency. It selects new firms for new firms. Anyone can apply for this in order to find work.

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And in this regard, there are no complaints. After all, the agency "Kelly Services" does its job - it offers vacancies for employment of the population of different ages. Many are happy with the fact that even a schoolboy-teenager can apply here. But is it worth doing this?


The proposed places of work also play an important rolefor a recruitment agency. Agree, it is unlikely that a person with a higher education (or even a few) will decide to apply to a firm that employs janitors and locksmiths with cleaners. So what does the job seekers say about this?

The company "Kelly Services" is really in thisplan is worthy of attention. You can find yourself any vacancy - one that matches your education, desire, and skills. True, senior positions with high pay are rare. After all, these vacancies quickly close. But you can settle down here as a small leader.

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Thus, this recruitment agency, according toaccording to the candidates, really tries to best satisfy the client's wishes regarding the issue of employment. It is not always given, but often. After all, everyone wants to be leaders, and ordinary employees are required in a variety of corporations much more often. So you have to go where you call.

The first dialogue

The interview phase is another feature,which is very often allocated at the stages of employment job seekers. She can push and draw to her. Here, unfortunately, "Kelly Services" (recruitment agency) does not enjoy huge fame. Applicants very often complain about conducting an interview, in which negative aspects are often present.

For example, quite often employees saythe fact that it is very difficult to explain to the recruiter at the reception desk what exactly you want. For what vacancy or position is there a desire to get settled. All this happens because the manager is a young girl who "pisses herself on the know-it-all" and is conceited, or an elderly woman, unable to hear you even at a short distance. And if we call some modern posts, then in general there can be complete misunderstanding of each other.

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In addition, the agency "Kelly Services" receivesComments of a negative nature and for some tension during the interview. With you, most likely, they will talk a bit arrogantly. This situation is not to everyone's taste. Especially in cases where you are an even more educated and cultured person than a recruiting manager.

But there is a plus in the interview. This is a questionnaire of the applicant. It, according to many employees, fill up easily and simply. However, there are no tricky questions there. This is a standard survey, which helps to find out if you are suitable for a particular position. Of course, the undoubted advantage of LLC "Kelly Services" is that after the interview you call back very quickly and report the results of the meeting. Practice shows that you are often given a positive answer and offer firms for employment.

Where satisfied

Do not forget that any respectfula self-employed agency will offer rather prestigious firms for employment. And in this regard, applicants for "Kelly Services" are satisfied. Not enthusiastic, of course, but there are no special disappointments.

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The thing is that with large companies likeLukoil does not cooperate with the agency. But with large trading networks and firms in each specific city - quite. So if you want to work in "Victoria", "Sportsmaster" or "Letuale" in a managerial position or as an ordinary employee, there will be no problems. The main thing, when finding a job, try to specify exactly where you want to go to work most of all. Managers for recruiting, despite all the "incident" of the interview, will try to find the best place for you.


Recruitment agency "Kelly Services" reviews alsogets pretty good and for a work schedule that is offered to job seekers. The thing is that you can choose either a shift, or a watch, or even make up an individual "daily routine", which is then agreed with your employer. And with all this you will be given weekends and holiday breaks.

But all good things come to an end sooner or later. In some cases, applicants remain unhappy with the work of the company "Kelly Services". For example, due to the fact that very often your shifts are canceled and rearranged on the day off. Or at all you are summoned for work in the most unexpected moment, although initially such nuances were stipulated. Trifle, but it is constantly allocated.


If we talk about earnings, then the situation hereis approximately the same as everywhere else. Employees are extremely unhappy with payments. Among the advantages of "Kelly Services" (recruitment agency), the fact that the proposed employer will actually pay out "white" earnings, official and according to documents, is highlighted.

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But there is one drawback. We are talking about constant delays in payments. For example, you can simply not see accruals for several months in a row. And then you will be remunerated for only 1 month. In other words, the agency "Kelly Services" does not provide its services qualitatively enough. Now we know that people think about this company. You can now decide on your own whether it is worthwhile to turn to.

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