CV what is this in comparison with the resume.


While searching for a job, very often you saw a requirement that you need to provide a detailed CV or resume in electronic form. I wonder what CV is and how it differs from the CV, what is the difference between them?


Let's consider what we are told by explanatory dictionaries about these concepts. CV or CV? So, a resume is a very capacious, brief idea about something important from your life. And CV - what is it?

CV what is it
Curriculum vitae, as the dictionary says, isa story about work activities, places of study and other data about life that are important in finding a job. In other words, the resume should be written in order to talk about work activities, about their education, work experience, skills and abilities. But CV write in order to tell about each place of work, about each specialty acquired during studies in different universities.

Many do not understand what is required ofsubject, when they offer to send a CV or CV. On education, first of all, you should tell when you need to provide CV. Then you can go on to describe the work experience, in which you can simply list all the places where you had to work, starting with the graduation from school and up to the present. In this section, there is a technical description of the biographical data, the date of commencement of work, the date of departure or the transition to a new location. But when they write CVs (not CV examples), you do not need to talk about every job where you worked from the time you graduated.


The summary is welcomed when emphasis is placed andhighlight the bold text or font achievements at different places of work, talk about their successes in different positions. And in CV what, is it also welcomed? No, neither the selection nor the labeling is welcomed, but the main thing when composing a CV is to use the personal pronouns of the first person when there are transfers of different responsibilities.

resume or cv
It should not be mentioned when writing CVsmarital status, nationality, other personal data. As in CV, and when writing a resume, the section on your hobbies and hobbies should be closely tied to the place of work for which these documents are written. After all, for work as a sales agent it does not matter whether you play football or hockey. In CV it is decided to clearly describe your professional qualities according to the chronology of your career, and in the resume you can start by describing your best qualities, and then go on to work in different positions. In the summary it is necessary to describe not just the time of work and duration, but to list your achievements, the results of your activity. And after that you can specify such data as the ability to work on a computer, knowledge of languages ​​and your education. Not for example CV, the resume you can fit on 1 or 2 pages A4. In the summary, there is not much to tell. But CV - what is it? It can be stretched to all 3-4 pages - it all depends on the duration of your work. When reading a professional resume, you can immediately make an assessment of the subject and decide whether to accept a job or refuse to admit. But with the CV so will not go.

Moments of resume

A properly written resume will be one of theimportant reasons for which they can recruit. When writing it, you have to take into account the task - to get the reading resume from the desire to take you to the service. There are no special standards when writing a resume. But there are some important points that everyone tries to follow:

  1. Consider the task that is before you when writing a resume.
  2. Use marketing properly when writing a resume.
  3. Do not make a resume in order to be immediately recruited, and to get a appointment you need a job interview.
  4. Understand the difference between a resume from a novel or a story, everything should be described laconically and clearly.
  5. In describing your achievements and career descriptions, use clear language, do not write about facts vaguely.
  6. Make the beginning of the resume very effective.
  7. Write a positive text.
  8. Do not ever repeat.
  9. Pass through your resume your knowledge and experience.
    What is cv and how does it differ from CV

Purpose of the resume

A good resume is a document in which theyour aim. What you are aiming for, your dreams. It is necessary to describe your aspirations in the desired post with a straightforward text. An important goal of the resume should be an indication of the motives and reasons for finding a new job. All this must be carefully prescribed, for such questions will be asked at the first meeting with the employer. The professional resume should reflect your best qualities, indicate what you can do to help the company in its position, what benefits the company receives by taking you to work.


What is CV, and how to write it?

cv example
When writing a CV, you need common sense first. No standards or sample will help write a good CV. Do not pay attention to the scope of this document. It does not matter how many pages of text a CV occupies, the main thing is to describe everything about yourself in terms of the position you want to receive. Do not limit yourself to the technical transfer where you worked, but to indicate who worked, what you did, what successes you achieved in your position. But at the same time one must always try to write succinctly, literary opuses are not welcome. If you praise yourself, then clearly, without extra words. It is necessary to describe only those hobbies that are relevant to the position you want to occupy. In no case can not lie be allowed in the text. For example, you report that you have an idea about the program C1, and the question during the interview about the ability to work in this accounting program say that you almost can not. This will endanger all other information about yourself, which you provide in CV.

Tips for writing a CV

CV - what is it, and what advice can we give? At writing it is necessary to remember about what requirements are put forward to a post, on which you apply. Before writing, always study well all that is required of those who want to get a job.

what is cv and how to write it
The written text must be clearly structuredby paragraphs, important places are allocated, if necessary, there should be items and sub-paragraphs. Do not write the same font. Write information about yourself as an advertising text about the product you want to profitably sell. But at the same time try to be precise in describing your positive qualities. Highlight your achievements and skills, which will help you when working on the proposed position. The form of CV writing should not be very literary, the description of yourself and praise should be laconic and sober. It is necessary to explain structurally your strengths, tell you about what you did before that helped your former firm achieve good results. To confirm the veracity of the facts described about yourself, try to refer to specific people who can confirm them. Before sending CV, try to correctly check the text and design. Check how the reading of your biography works on close people. With a properly written CV, you always look forward to finding a new job.

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