Where to go to work? Earnings abroad. Earnings in the North


Where to go to work? This question, probably, was asked by every resident of the Russian outback, which fell under the reduction of staff. The same problem is faced by those who can not find a job in their hometown for a long time. Yes, and unsatisfied with the size of wages also are thinking about changing jobs. In the context of crisis phenomena in the economy, the question of where to go to work is becoming more urgent.

As before, people go "for a long ruble" in the metropolitan metropolis, St. Petersburg, in the regions of the Far North.

Where to go to work

However, today there is no need to go immediately tofrosty and snow-covered Surgut to personally look for work there - for these purposes there is the Internet. At the same time, one should not forget that on the World Wide Web you can run into unfair employers who promise "golden mountains", but in reality they can simply deceive. It is for this reason that the question of where to go to work, requires a carefully thought out and balanced decision - do not rush to immediately quit your current job. First, go to a potential employer to "scout the situation." Make sure that the firm that needs such personnel as you really does exist, and the proposed salary is not a myth.

Work in the metropolitan metropolis

Where to go to work? "Of course, to Moscow!"- Many will say. On the one hand, they are really right. This truly magnificent and very expensive city attracts many rich tourists, big businessmen of international level, artists, finally.

Earnings abroad

Find your place in the implementation of these people's projects - that's where the opportunities are, that's where the prospect is!

With a diploma and work experience, chances of finding a job more

Undoubtedly, if the applicant has a lot of experiencework and high qualification, then he is provided with good wages in Moscow. Large metropolitan companies create such conditions for such workers for their career growth. They also compensate for the costs of moving from one city to another, renting a house in a convenient area, will help register registration in the capital.

It is profitable to work in the capital for people without higher education

However, people who do not have a highereducation and experience, Moscow has to rely solely on itself. Earning money by a driver, seller or handyman is their lot, and the salary for such work is not too high: in most cases, it is enough only for food and housing. Travel by a fixed-route taxi and the metro to the place of work and back also requires certain expenses.

Earn Money

In addition, the employee needs to update regularlyyour wardrobe. So is it worth working as a cook in Moscow for 20 thousand rubles, if in Krasnodar exactly the same cook gets 15 thousand rubles? Most likely not. The same applies to such professions as the packer, the picker and the loader. When working on a schedule of 12 hours a day, you can count on 20 thousand rubles a day.

However, this does not mean that people without higher educationeducation can not receive relatively good money in Moscow. In particular, if you get a job as a bus driver in Mosgortrans, the payment for such work will vary from 35 to 60 thousand rubles. For a salary of 50 thousand rubles, a milling cutter or turner can count on a condition of high qualification.

In the past, earning money in Moscow - it wasa real opportunity to support the family. At the present time, when the economic crisis is dominating in the country and companies are trying to save on everything, including wages, before going to work in the metropolitan metropolis, everything should be carefully considered.

Work in the North

Where to go to work north

Do not know where to go to work? "To the North," the townsfolk advise. Are they right? In part, yes. Currently, residents of many Russian regions are going to be materially enriched in such cities as Khanty-Mansiysk, Krasnoyarsk, Surgut, Tyumen, Urengoy. However, to achieve the above goal, it is very important to organize a trip correctly. Again, only those who have a certain specialty and have extensive work experience can count on large earnings. At the same time, potential applicants need to take into account the difficult nature of work: in the North, not everyone can work in the terrible cold and cold.

Where to apply for a job

The most highly paid industries are those that are associated with the gas-oil industry, the processing of timber. Specialists of these directions receive "good" money.

Many are interested in the question of which salarya driver who works in a gas producing company can count. To be fair, it should be noted that the driver of OJSC "Surgutneftegas" gets a good reward for his work - about 40 thousand rubles. In addition to the salary for a good job, he can receive cash bonuses and bonuses.

Good earnings

Through a global network, you canleaving his native city, to analyze the available vacancies in "Urengoygazprom" or "Surgutneftegaz" and send his resume. It is possible that it is your candidature that will interest the management of companies involved in the extraction of natural resources. Once again, we emphasize that if you get a job from such an employer, then a high salary is guaranteed to you.

Without experience and qualifications

However, what should those unemployed citizens do,who do not have high qualifications and experience? Is it really unprofitable for them to find employment in the North? By no means. Again, it is necessary to resort to the help of the Internet and to search for vacancies somewhere in Nizhnevartovsk. Here it is necessary to say about the need to take courses related to training in your chosen specialty, and you do not need to learn from the driller. Enough will be the driving courses for special equipment. To gain experience after obtaining the admission, you will have to work for some time in organizations whose scope of activities is not related to the extraction of minerals. After that, you can start sending CVs to various reputable oil and gas processing companies so that you are put "in reserve" when the vacancy is released.

Work in the summer

Many people puzzle over what earnings can be in the summer. Especially this issue is relevant for young people.

Earnings in the summer

In June, it's time for holidays, and allrush to the south. Naturally, it makes sense to go to the Black Sea coast and work there as a barman or a waitress. If you do not want to be a servant in a cafe, you can work at a kiosk selling ice cream, carbonated drinks or tobacco.

Work abroad

A huge number of people are interested in the question of whether to go abroad today to work abroad?

Despite the fact that, according to the media, the growth rateRussian economy is gradually increasing, Russians are not losing the opportunity to find employment outside their country. Which routes are currently the most popular? First of all, these are countries like Finland, Spain and Italy. And we are talking about unskilled seasonal work, when, in particular, harvesters of vegetables and berries are required.

The earnings abroad for a woman, as a rule,are outlined by three professions: nurse, nurse, housekeeper. However, without knowledge of a foreign language, this kind of work is almost impossible to obtain. On the other hand, there is no need to spend money on housing and food, as these benefits are provided directly by the employer.

Men are invited to work in Spain, Poland and Canada as workers in construction sites.

Solid money is received by those who work on drilling rigs in Norway.

More chances to get a job abroad from those who resort to the services of recruiting agencies. However, when choosing them, care should be taken not to fall into the "paws" of scams.

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