Is the teacher an ordinary profession or a vocation?


A teacher is one of the most difficult professions inworld. The teacher who has chosen the path should devote himself to education, otherwise he will not be able to cultivate in his students a love for knowledge. Not everyone is able to become a teacher, because for this you need not only to get an education, but also have a genuine desire for a profession.

So the teacher is, rather, a vocation, rather than a specialty. We must always remember this, and only realizing the depth of this statement, decide whether it is worth becoming a teacher at all.

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Who is the teacher?

It would seem that everyone knows who the teacher is. After all, we all had our own primary school teacher, Trudovik, physicist, and even a teacher of the OBR. It so happened that now education is given to everyone, regardless of race, gender and religion. And this, of course, is good, because without knowledge modern man differs little from his distant ancestors, running with a spear for a mammoth.

But what is it like to be a teacher? Just imagine the responsibility that falls on his shoulders, because the quality of knowledge depends on his teaching skills. And if he does not cope with his task, it turns out that his students are not ready for further tests.

So the teacher is, above all, a binderThe link that connects the modern education system and the minds of the students. He, like a jeweler who creates works of art from unbounded stones, step by step turns inexperienced guys into full-fledged citizens.

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How to become a teacher?

Let the teacher - this is a vocation, but without a proper diploma of the person to the school and close will not allow. Therefore, the question is justified: "Where can I get a pedagogical education?"

Well, let's start in order:

  • In the hierarchy of the educational system, the first are the pedagogical colleges. Here you can get a diploma of a teacher or a teacher of elementary grades.
  • Secondary technical education is responsible for the graduating of specialists who conduct general development subjects. For example, music, physical education or special preschool education.
  • Universities are an ideal place for those who want toteach at school. Among other things, it is also possible to get education of a psychologist. In general, graduates are divided into bachelors and masters, while the second category stands a step higher and gives much more privileges.
  • The final stage is postgraduate and doctoral studies. The person who received this title has the full right to teach in higher education institutions, and also to work on various studies.

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Disadvantages of the profession teacher

But before proceeding to a description of the merits of this profession, one should dwell on its shortcomings. After all, whatever one may say, a teacher is a job that not everyone can do.

The greatest danger lies in the fact thatteachers are regularly exposed to emotional shocks. Naughty students, changes in the educational system, dissatisfied parents, the need for constant monitoring of the situation - all this leads to stress. And if the teacher does not learn to suppress it, then soon he may have depression and disgust for work.

Another disadvantage is low pay. Since teachers are on government support, they often experience a budget deficit. This problem is especially acute in institutions that are located in the territory of small towns and cities.

Advantages of this profession

Probably, the most positive moment isthe opportunity to open up your potential. After all, as a teacher, a person constantly improves himself. Each new day will be different from the previous one, because children will always find a way to excel.

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And the working conditions are very attractive. Whether it's rain, snow or cold wind - the teacher will always be in a warm room. The working day is determined by the number of lessons learned, and therefore quite often fluctuates within 6-8 hours. What to say about the holiday, which always falls for the summer period and lasts a month and a half.

An important factor is prestige. After all, their work serves the public good, therefore, the society itself is grateful to them for it.

Primary school teacher

In primary classes, all responsibility forthe upbringing of children rests on the shoulders of their leader. He has a language teacher, a mathematician, and even a psychologist. Therefore, this post is extremely important in terms of primary education.

It is these teachers that give the children basic knowledge. Moreover, they should instill in their pupils a craving for knowledge. Tell them how important education is, in order to achieve the desired heights in the future.

Humanitarian and exact disciplines

In general, teachers can be divided into three large groups:

  • General developing. For example, a teacher of music, drawing, fizruki and so on.
  • Humanities. Russian language, history, philosophy.
  • Exact. Teacher of mathematics, physics, chemistry and the like.

Having chosen for himself the path in the world of pedagogy, manwill have to follow it to the end. After all, retraining will take a long time, unless, of course, these are not related areas, for example a teacher of Russian and, say, a teacher of literature.

teacher of Russian language

Choose a place of work

As for the place of work, everything depends on education. The higher the title of a teacher, the more opportunities are open to him.

As for payment, here in the first placethere are teachers who conduct their practice in private and elite schools. Then there are teachers in universities and colleges, then school employees and so on. However, much depends on the subject and the number of hours allocated.

Also in this profession there is an opportunityadditional earnings. For example, the same teacher of mathematics or English can work as a tutor. Moreover, sometimes this activity brings much more income than the main job.

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