Duties of the dispatcher. Job description of the dispatcher of motor transport


What is the dispatcher's responsibility? First of all - the implementation of delivery, the formation of production and much more. However, these are just basic duties. The list may look different, depending on the specifics of the firm.

dispatcher duties

Main responsibilities

The basic duties of the controller include the following:

  • Timely planning and competent distribution of work.
  • Use of production resources.
  • Managing certain processes and production programs.
  • Performance analysis of the enterprise.

As already mentioned, the duties of the dispatcher may differ depending on the specifics of the work of the enterprise.

Dispatcher in production

commander's instruction

The job description of the dispatcher, whose main job is to control the production process, is as follows:

  • The dispatcher undertakes to analyze the workflow.
  • The main work is to control the storage, unloading and loading operations.
  • The specialist should be able to organize the work competently. It is necessary that the finished products be delivered on time.
  • The responsibility of the dispatcher is to compile a calculation of the use of resources, establish reserve standards and organize new feeds.
  • If a violation occurred in the production, the control dispatcher must identify its cause on its own or call an auxiliary service to solve the problem.
  • When applying for a job, he must learn to use the planning documentation. It will monitor the work of the enterprise.

Dispatcher in production is responsibleface. His job is to monitor the whole process. He has the right to introduce new technology with the consent of his direct superior, if he believes that they will positively affect the quality of the work of the enterprise. Each dispatcher is obliged to enter each action in the report log.

Dispatcher in a taxi. Terms of recruitment

dispatcher in a taxi

The transport dispatcher is the responsible person. The correct organization of work and prestige of the firm depend on it. Therefore, the management selects a candidate with particular fault-finding. The future dispatcher on the phone in a taxi should have the following skills:

  • The main instrument of his work is the voice. A potential candidate for this position should have a good diction and a pleasant timbre.
  • The leader first of all pays attention to the ability to communicate with people and the correctness of speech construction. An important factor is good hearing.
  • Practically in every firm all information is filled in electronic form. Accordingly, the dispatcher must have minimal skills on the PC.
  • The specialist must be able to find solutions to complex problems and approach to each client.

Preliminary the head conducts testingnew employee, playing the role of a potential client. People of any gender and age can work as a dispatcher. Also, there are no restrictions on health, often disabled people are appointed for this position. Once the employer paid attention only to those candidates who know the city in which they are to work. However, now in each office there is a navigator that can build a route in a few seconds.

How is work done?

The dispatcher in a taxi never meets withtheir clients, all communication between them is carried out exclusively by phone. He will always be in the room, where he will have his workplace with a phone and a computer. Depending on the region and the popularity of the company, 3 to 50 people can work with it.

job description of the dispatcher of motor transport

A taxi can be used by a person at any time,so often dispatchers work on a schedule of "a day through three" or "two in two." The salary of an employee depends on the number of hours worked and applications. In each region it can be different, so the dispatcher in a taxi earns from 15 to 50 thousand rubles a month.

Like any specialist, he has his rights and responsibilities. When you work for a contract is concluded with the employer in writing.


The main work in a taxi is carried out by the driver.However, he can not receive thousands of calls due to his employment. Does it for him a specially trained person. The job description of the dispatcher consists of several items:

  • The employee undertakes to accept applications from customers and transfer them to the driver.
  • Record the time of the call, the place of departure and the arrival of the client.
  • Notify him of the approximate cost of the trip and the waiting time for the transport.
  • Competently organize the work. Only apply to the driver who is at the minimum distance from the customer. Calculate approximately the time for which he will reach him.
  • Inform the passenger about the arrival of the vehicle, car make and number.

Work dispatcher can be called creative. It is he who must be able to foresee force majeure situations and figure out how to avoid them.


The job description of the dispatcher of motor transport includes not only duties, but also rights.

  • A taxi worker has the right to bring a customer toblack list, if he at least once broke the operating mode of the enterprise (mainly if he called a taxi, and he himself did not go anywhere or was absent at the specified place).
  • Refuse to accept an application if it seems to him that the client is drunk.
  • Refuse to accept an application if there is no free transport, or to warn the customer about a long wait.
  • Change the place of departure of the client, depending on the possibility of stopping at a given location. Basically it is suggested to approach the nearest parking lot.

dispatcher on the phone in a taxi

For what can fire a dispatcher?

Job description of the dispatcher of motor transport contains a number of violations, for which he can be dismissed from work:

  • Systematic absenteeism or delay.
  • Arrival at work in a state of intoxication and drinking alcohol at the workplace.
  • Boorish communication with customers.
  • The introduction of the client or the driver is confusing.
  • Use the work phone or computer for other purposes.
  • Long absence in the workplace without good reason.

For an initial violation, an employee may receive a financial penalty or a reminder. If they are repeated, the employer has the right to reprimand in oral or written form or to dismiss.

Millions of people around the country every dayuse taxi services. Many enterprises operate qualitatively only through proper control and organization. Behind all this is a person with complex and serious functions. Therefore it is very important that the duties of the dispatcher are always performed correctly!

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