How to find work quickly and what needs to be done in order not to make a mistake in the choice?


After education, a young person orthe girl often encountered the problem of employment in any city of the CIS. Not always a red diploma can guarantee a quick device to work. There is a well-known saying: "They take me to work, because there is no experience, and there is no experience, because they do not take to work."

But do not be discouraged about this. In a large city, you can search for ads through major Internet services with ads, for example, with a table of contents «Work in Minsk" or offer yourself as a specialist.

The first thing that employers pay attention tomore often than your professional skills - is the ability to learn, responsibility and diligence. In order to prove yourself in these three qualities it is desirable to look for a job where you need to work a little intern. At first, such work will not pay much, but with the acquisition of skills, you will be able to prove yourself well, and will be arranged as a full-fledged employee.

You will find that you can not always findwork on the specialty, not, nevertheless, be able to find something interesting for yourself. In order to somehow realize our desire in a certain sphere of interest, psychologists recommend to begin by writing out positive qualities of character, everything that you know how to do. It's not for nothing that the school conducts tests on the type of person according to skills (man is nature, man-man, man is a sign system, and other similar inclinations). Without determining your own merits, you can run into a communicative person who likes to communicate with people to work as a business man. A number of tests will also help you on a job interview. Before hiring an employer, he usually asks the question "What would you like to do with us?", Never answer the question "What do you have?" To such an answer, the crane is negatively affected by the leaders. It's better to tell a little about your skills, abilities and desire to work in this or that sphere.

Often graduates of universities in the interviewindicate that they were working on a remote job on the Internet. Such people can only take on these skills, as they can quickly find information in the global network to process textual information or work with graphics.

To speed up the job search processit is recommended to write a resume about yourself about your education and skills. It is necessary to ring through several announcements and ask for an e-mail from a private company or state organization and send an e-mail to the summary about yourself and your professional skills. Of course, due to the high competition, you will not be immediately answered, therefore, in the first week it is desirable to make announcements about 3 times a week on interesting announcements, which will speed up the search process. Sometimes it is desirable to repeat the dispatch to the same enterprise, after all, it happens that the ad is lost among other candidates for the place, but it does not need to send more than 2-3 times.

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