"Mining" (specialty): whom to work and how much are in demand specialists


At any time, mankind could not existwithout minerals, but at present it is the basis of all industry. Now the whole country is trained first-class specialists in mining, which are in demand not only here, but also abroad.

Objects of the graduate's activity in the direction "Mining"

Now more and moreApplicants give preference to such a direction as "Mining" (specialty). Who to work after graduation? You do not even have to worry about it, as the country's universities help first-class specialists get a job.

Mining specialty by whom to work

The main objects of graduates in this area are:

  • The bowels of the earth, as well as production facilities, equipment and technical systems, through which the development takes place.
  • The enterprises extracting rocks.
  • Objects that are located both on the ground and buried. They have a civil, industrial or special purpose.
  • Road, railway and hydraulic facilities.

Tasks of a specialist in mining

Before each graduate there are always tasks that he must adhere to and be able to solve. They will depend on the characteristics of professional activity.

Production and technological activities include such tasks:

  • Implementation of technical management of work to ensure the functioning of equipment and systems of mining.
  • Development of regulatory papers thatregulate the order of execution of mining blasting operations, as well as those associated with the processing and enrichment of solid minerals, the construction and use of underground structures, equipment, ensuring compliance with the requirements of technical documentation.
  • Implementation of measures to increase the environmental safety of mining.
  • Guidance on the principles of subsoil use.
  • Development of measures to improve and increase the technical level of mining.
  • Determine the position of the object.
  • Performing geodetic and surveying measurements and processing the results.
  • Development of plans to eliminate accidents that occurred during exploration work.

Organizational and management activities include such items:

  • Organization of their work process and process in the team.
  • Controlling, analyzing and evaluating the actions of subordinates.
  • Organization of the working process to improve the professional level.
  • Carrying out of the analysis, complex substantiation of decisions, increase of production efficiency.
  • Implementation of works to improve production activities.
  • Development of projects and programs related to the development of the company or division.
  • Analysis of the process of mining.

Scientific and research activities include the solution of such problems:

  • Planning and implementation of various studies, processing of data.
  • Implementation of patent search, study of scientific and technical information.
  • Development of models of process phenomena. Evaluation of the reliability of these models.
  • Conducting certification tests.
  • Creating measures to manage the quality of goods.
  • Use of methods for forecasting and assessing the level of security.

The project activity includes the solution of such tasks:

  • Carrying out of technical and economic estimation of deposits of firm minerals.
  • Justification of the parameters of the mining enterprise.
  • Performing calculations of technological processes
  • Development of the necessary technical documentation.
  • Independent drawing up of projects and passports of mountain and drilling works.
  • Implementation of the design of an enterprise for the exploration and extraction of minerals.

This list can be listed for a long time, but the main points to which attention should be paid have been indicated.

Requirements for specialists in mining

There are many requirements for differentspecialization "Mining" (specialty), who will work graduate after the university, solve it, but in each post their nuances and requirements, they must be adhered to during the labor process.

specialty demand mining

Completing the university in this specialty, the graduate should have an idea:

  • On the main scientific and scientific and technical problems and the development of open development in conjunction with similar fields of technology.
  • On the main trends of changes in the conditions of use of mining and transport equipment.
  • On the methods of technical and economic analysis and the adoption of engineering, management decisions.
  • Must know about the basics of enterprise managementmining, general principles and types of designing the construction of underground structures, the methods of engineering calculations and the adoption of technical and managerial decisions.
  • Must be able to allocate program and target methods for analyzing various issues, also use the experience of both advanced and foreign.

Where and by whom to work after graduation

Finishing the institute on the specialty "Mining", where to work and by whom, it is up to the graduate. After graduating from the mountain universities you can work:

  • Mining engineer.
  • Mine surveyor.
  • The geologist.
  • Geophysicist.
  • Geochemist.
  • The hydrologist.
  • Mining engineer-scout.

Mining engineers work on extractiveenterprises, mine surveyors - at the construction of unearthly and earthworks. Also, mining engineers are very much in demand in the nuclear industry, they are needed for the development of metal deposits. Graduates of this profession can work at gold mining enterprises, in design and engineering organizations.

Reviews about the specialty "Mining"

When entering the "Mining" (specialty), it is better to read reviews in advance, in order to clearly decide for yourself whether you made the right choice.

Mining specialty reviews

But polistav and revising not one forum and site,you will be able to make sure of the right choice, as you will only find positive feedback. Almost all who entered and graduated in mining, became first-class specialists and in-demand workers.

Specialty "Mining": specialization "Mine surveying"

Mine surveying is considered to be the regionmining science and production, which is a complex of various methods, methods and means of measurement, performed in the exploration of deposits of fossils, design and construction, liquidation and operation of mining enterprises. Completing the "Mining" (specialty), who will work for you, but your work will depend more on the mine surveyor.

mining where to work

Markscheider is a specialist in mining,which works together with miners and extracts minerals, also helps in the construction of underground structures and tunnels. The main tasks of this specialist are: to measure and set the directions of mine workings, to determine the volumes of ore extraction, the quality and completeness of extracting minerals, to control the manifestations of pressure and the movement of rocks. The surveyor must constantly work with measuring instruments, performs a large amount of calculations. Working on this specialty, you need to be very responsible and considerate.

Competences graduate in the specialization of "Mine Surveying"

Mastering the "Mining" (specialty), by whomwork and where after graduation, you are determined on the latest courses. But, whoever you become after graduation, you must necessarily be a competent specialist.

sfu mining business what jobs where to work

As a result of mastering the general education program in the field of "Mine Surveying" you master a number of professional skills:

  • Readiness to carry out the production of surveying work.
  • Determination of characteristics of the earth's surface and subsoil, aboveground and underground structures.
  • Display information and calculations in the documentation.
  • Development of mine surveying departments and so on.

SFU: specialty "Mining"

The most popular amonggraduates-senior pupils, future miners is considered SFU (Siberian Federal University). They are interested not only in SFU. "Mining" - which professions, where you can work after - are also popular questions.

specialty mining business specialization mine surveying

Completing this university, you will be able to worknot only in the vastness of our country, but also abroad. Here you can become a specialist in mining, but also a geologist or a specialist in process machinery and equipment. The code of the specialty "Mining" in SFU - 21.05.04.

The demand for mining specialists

Most of the needs of mankind are satisfied at the expense of raw materials, which are extracted from the earth's interior.

specialty code mining

Whatever it was, you can not establish anyproduction without professionals of the required specialty. Demand "Mining" as a direction is very large, especially in recent years, more and more graduates want to become the best in this industry and help improve the mining business.

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