Who is a Field Engineer? Features of the profession


In the world there are many different professions. Some of them are familiar to everyone, as they are in sight, while others, on the contrary, are a complete mystery. For example, such a specialty as a field engineer, raises many questions among uninitiated people. Moreover, many people did not even hear about this direction of engineering.

So let's try to figure out who the field engineer is. In particular, what does he do and how relevant is it in the modern world?

field engineer

Fundamentals of the profession

So, first of all the field engineer isa specialist who works outside the village. That is why it is called field, or exit. Simply put, this is an ordinary engineer who does not work in the usual conditions for him.

More important, however, is not who he is, but why heNeed? After all, this is the essence of this specialty. If you do not delve into all the subtleties, then the field engineer is an integral part of any technical base that is outside the city.

Take for example the oil industry. Virtually all the deposits of black gold are far from civilization. Given this, many employees of this enterprise work there in shifts, living in the field. The same applies to engineers who monitor the technical state of the base.

How to become a field engineer?

The institute does not have a separate specialty for thisdirections of engineering. Therefore, to begin with, you need to complete the basic course of higher technical education. It should be remembered that much will depend on what kind of chair the future specialist chooses.

So, wishing to work on oildeposits, must have all the necessary knowledge for this. Consequently, such areas as "development and maintenance of oil wells", "engineering mechanics", "chemical technology" and so on will be ideal.

field engineer is

After graduation, you will need to find a company,who wants to take a trainee as a field engineer. The internship lasts about three years on average. Such a period is due to the fact that a young specialist needs to learn a lot of new material before he can make his own decisions.

In addition to the foregoing, it is necessary to understand moreone important point: there is no universal direction. That is, a field engineer is a general name that can not express the whole essence of the work as a whole. Therefore, consider the most common branches of this profession.

Field engineer-ecologist

This direction is more suitable for those to whomlike to spend a lot of time outdoors. After all the field engineer-ecologist happens there much more often, than in a premise. His work is connected with the study of various natural materials, geological rocks, the search for valuable deposits and so on.

Also a separate category of these specialistsmonitors the ecological situation in a certain region. The work of such environmental engineers is primarily aimed at protecting the environment. Consequently, practically every production in the country needs their approval.

field engineer ecologist

Field Engineer in the Oil Industry

An oil well is a collectionvarious mechanisms and units, which are controlled by a complex automation system. Naturally, the installation and maintenance of such complex machines need the help of qualified specialists, in particular, and field engineers.

At the same time, there can be severalsuch employees. This is due to the fact that the oil complex is very huge. So, some engineers are responsible for the electrical networks, the second for the mechanisms of the wells, and the third, say, for the communication lines. And yet they are all field engineers, because they work in special conditions.

Living away from home

If we talk about field engineers, we can notbypassing such a detail as life far away from the usual civilization. After all, the specifics of the work forces them to leave for hundreds, and even thousands of kilometers from their homes. Such a feature of the work does not like everyone, which reduces the number of those who want to learn it.

field engineer in the oil industry

And yet it can not be said that the field engineerhave to spend the night under the open sky, although this happens. Often on the territory of their base there is an exit hostel or a trailer equipped with everything necessary. Other workers also live there, so field engineers rarely suffer from a lack of communication.

Advantages and disadvantages of work

Among the minuses, as mentioned earlier, are frequent departures and business trips. It should also be noted that it is very difficult to find a promising place because of the great competition.

However, there are many more advantages. So, the field engineer has a good salary, which provides bonuses and allowances for frequent business trips. There is a possibility of promotion on the career ladder, which motivates for further work. In addition, this profession can not be classified as monotonous, which will appeal to those people who crave adventures and new sensations.

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