The newest professions of the 21st century. The most popular professions in the 21st century


Why do new professions appear? Because new territories are being mastered both literally and in figurative sense. People are beginning to be interested in something completely different, to create other fields for creativity and, accordingly, for earnings.

In this article we will talk about the profession of the 21st century,consider where to go to study, how you can earn without education, and also find out what the futurists are telling us. If you are interested in the professions that appeared in the 21st century, then this post will be very interesting for you.

profession of the 21st century

Where to go to study?

Before to tell, where it is possible to go to studyyou and your children, I want to emphasize on what kind of profession you do not really need to master. So, you will waste money and, more insultingly, years of life if you decide to become an economist or a lawyer. The market for such specialists is now crowded not only in our country, but also in foreign countries. Modern university graduates have to get a second higher education or other additional education to settle down somewhere. Therefore, the popular and popular professions of the 21st century do not include these specialties in their lists.

the newest professions of the 21st century

Although, if we put the question differently - who are the most likely to study girls and boys, then the answer will be connected with lawyers and economists.

But in the coming decades, demand forspecialists in technical professions. If you have interest or makings, you can enter engineers, electricians, technicians of all kinds. You will see that immediately after receiving the diploma you will simply be "taken away" with your hands and feet. However, these tips are more recommendatory in nature, and in any case you decide. Now let's talk about such a phenomenon as the profession of the 21st century. The list could turn out to be huge, but we will only cover those options that may be of interest to the average resident of our region.

Sales and Purchases

Buying and selling is of great importance in lifeman since ancient times. Almost throughout history we always do not have what we would like. Relationships of purchase and sale allow you to purchase the desired product, so it's no wonder that the most popular profession of the 21st century includes sellers, however, under a more fashionable name.

new occupations of the 21st century list

Today, many companies are recruitingbuyers. This word is formed from English "to buy", which means "to buy". Bayer deals with the needs of the company in the goods, acquiring what is needed - food, stationery, furniture, clothing ... Such an expert must understand the goods, determine the quality "by eye", be able to find the most beneficial offers. Education "commodity" will be enough to become a buyer.

The shopper is the same buyer, but more individual. A secured family can hire a chopper to buy everything necessary - food, interior items, clothes. If you have to be an experienced person in the work of a bayer, then here, much more important is the understanding of psychology, of what kind of thing will suit a particular person.

Media-buyer is the same specialist, howeverThe goods purchased by him are more specific. This person is engaged in the purchase of advertising space, develops a strategy for the company's advertising activities. Here you can not do without economic and marketing education, as well as flair, what kind of advertising and where will bring the greatest consumer demand for the goods.

Advertising and direct promotion of goods

Today, you can earn good money on advertising. A huge plus of this possibility is that you do not need to have a special education in order to grow to the head of the promo department.

Promoter - the person who promotes the goodsthrough consultation, tasting, various "enticing" actions. To become a promoter, you do not need to have an education, but what is needed is communication skills, the ability to clearly communicate your thoughts and gently convince people.

profession of the 21st century list

Merchandiser - the one who deals with the placementgoods, putting products on the supermarket shelves. Such specialists are not needed in small shops, whose employees can expose the products themselves. But if we are talking about hypermarkets that daily pass through themselves tons of products, then without help from manufacturing companies can not do. Merchandiser does not need to be able to "dismiss" visitors, his work is solely in laying out the goods. If we talk about what popular professions of the 21st century are popular today, then the merchandiser is one of them.

A brand manager is a person who is engaged in"Promotion", maintaining the name of the product on the hearing of consumers. Here you already need education, the best marketing. The brand manager creates and develops conditions for the brand to have a demand.

Work on the Internet

Once the Internet was more an intranet andwas considered a military development. Today, this is an obligatory "springboard" for almost every one of us. Business is not limited to reading news and watching movies - we share interesting information with friends, fill in photos, "check", to boast of being in a pretentious place. The Internet also gave a lot of opportunities for earning.

modern professions of the 21st century

Of course, not all modern professions of the 21st centuryInternet are productive - some are calculated simply to the fact that you will donate your funds. So, very doubtful are the "professions" associated with working on stock exchanges, "Forex", options. Of course, it's not about you, if you're an expert in the economy, and selling the currency "the dog was eaten." Otherwise, be careful - no matter how you are deprived of your savings, the new profession of the 21st century. The list that we will give below will be of interest to those who want to master the profession and earn money without leaving home.

A blogger is a person who keeps a diary inthe Internet. If his blog proves to be interesting to a large number of subscribers, then he gets the opportunity to earn on advertising, which he will post on his pages. To become a successful blogger, you need to write about what is close to you and what you are good at.

Copywriter is a person who is engaged inwriting texts to order. All the content on the Internet is the creation of copywriters, people who write from scratch or rewrite the finished texts. You can work without education, however, without a "sense of syllable" and literacy, you will not write much.

SEO Optimizer is the person who makes websitesmore popular, promoting them to the top of the search engines. Those sites that the user sees on the network as the first, are most in demand. The more people visit the site, the more popular it is and the more attractive it is for an advertiser.

A web designer is a person who specializes in creating a visual site fullness. You can receive such education in special courses.

Work with society

Event manager - the person who is engaged inorganization of events, celebrations. A lot today in the market of enterprises that specialize exclusively in this activity. Some companies also need to have a couple of such experts (for example, a hotel or a restaurant). The manager must come up with an entertainment program, order artists, and discuss with them the payment based on the available budget.

Professions that appeared in the 21st century

PR-manager - a person dealing with communications withthe public. For many, "PR" has a negative connotation. It is worth a star to quarrel or disgrace, and this trick is immediately called PR. In fact, any "message" to the people of news is the activity of a PR manager.

What is the preparation for?

We figured out what new professions of the 21st centurynow in the trend, and what kind of education you need to receive in order to work successfully. And what about the near future? What will be important in ten to twenty years?

Futurologists predict in the coming years moremore noticeable improvement of telecommunications and media. In addition, the climate and vital needs of people will change markedly. Let's try to predict, based on the conclusions of futurists, what unusual professions of the 21st century are waiting for us in the foreseeable future.

Personal Truman

Remember the movie "The Truman Show"?

demanded professions of the 21st century

If not, then we suggest that you recall the show "House2 ". As practice shows, people like to watch the lives of their kind, and it's better if they are real, live people, not the characters of serials and films. So, there is a suggestion that in the near future will be popular movies-salfi, which can be removed by everyone, simply by attaching a camera to yourself.

Development of new lands

Futurist Stuart Brand predicts that meltingThe ice of Antarctica will lead to climate change even in our lifetimes. As a result, the newest professions of the 21st century will appear. For example, there will be a demand for "columbs", people who will develop new territories, including space ones.

Creation of networks within corporations

The fact that the world is ruled by corporations is no secret. Often, it is the desire of the leadership of such companies to determine the policies of countries in the external and internal markets. The corporation is a closed system, a kind of life.

unusual professions of the 21st century

And as expert marketing expert Seth Godin, inIn the near future other lines will be added to the new professions of the 21st century. The list will be supplemented by specialists in providing life support for corporate structures.

So, recently the agency " "fulfilled a curious order - the development of social networks for customers. Consequently, programming and information technology are as relevant as ever, if there is a question of where to go to study.

Perfection of the person

James Kenton believes that all the professions of the 21st centurywill be tied up in order to make a person as perfect as possible. Laboratories and medical institutions will "design" animals and plants, and also work to create an "ideal person". The futurist suggests that the days are near, when one can come to a single person in a special data bank and ask for contacts of people most compatible with DNA. Couples, before you have a baby, will be able to "figure out" how the future baby will be born. However, the medical education, according to Kenton, will not hurt.

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