How to write a cover letter to the resume, which is the date of the job receipt guarantee.


Summary, or a brief description of those qualities thatYou consider the most popular in the desired form of activity, today becomes not just a fashionable fad, as it was just recently, but an urgent necessity for the employer. It is rather difficult to orientate in a large stream of applicants for a particular position, and here a resume comes to the rescue. This is just the first round of selection of candidates, but sometimes to win it - it means getting a position. Let's take a look at the points, how to prepare for the fact that from the first step, the personnel department is interested - let's talk about how to write a cover letter to the resume.

And about the letter itself, they know not all, but abouthow to write a cover letter for a resume, think even less. Usually they get rid of a couple of facts from their own glorious work biography and put an end to this in anticipation of the employer's verdict. But in the Personnel Department, too, people are sitting! And if you address them by their first name and patronymic (or by name, but by "You", as it is now customary), then the letter already acquires some private character. Further. The message should be non-standard, it is possible slightly with a yum (in relation to itself, certainly). You can start with a sincere (!) Admiration for the company you are trying to reach. Then you need to tell about yourself as the person most suitable for the published vacancy, and in confirmation it is necessary to attach your own designs, projects, original solutions, performed at the former place of work or during the training in the university. The main thing - to write so that bypass this letter it was impossible to pass and the hand itself would drag through a resume, or even simply invite the applicant right away for an interview. Too large a message should not be, but it is obliged (according to marketing rules) to contain direct instructions for action: here is my phone, call! An approximate cover letter might look like this:

Good afternoon, Marina Matveyevna!

Your Center commits such a complex dailyThe activities necessary for the population, that everyone in our city knows about him. To work for you is prestigious and honorable. Without false modesty, I believe myself to be a worthy candidate for the position ... In order not to be unfounded, I send my articles on topics related to the activities of your center to the e-mail address: ...

There will be questions about the content of the articles sent - call: ... or write: ...

Sincerely, Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich.

And you can just laugh or hit a cadreemployee, writing something like: "Tired of the standard? You give a non-standard! In my resume - what you are looking for: creative, humor and obvious professionalism. Look - at a minimum, you just read something pleasant! "

It's all about how to write a cover letter to your resume.

However, there is also a description of thethe availability of talents and skills. Many companies offer a standard form or give detailed instructions on how to write a good resume. Therefore, we will limit ourselves to listing the main sections that can not be uncovered in the summary. The main thing is to remember that you write it for the employer, and therefore, mention only those facts that will be of interest to him. So, you describe: qualifications, work experience, merits, refer to recommendations (if any). At the end of the message - personal information (phone, email). It is important to understand that the most important thing is the beginning of the resume, because in the first lines the personnel officer makes a conclusion about whether it is worth reading further. If there are especially advantageous moments in your business biography, they can be distinguished. Each resume is read on average 30 seconds - estimate how much information the human eye can perceive during this time and provide for perception the most useful and beneficial for you! Pay attention: categorically avoid blurry phrases like: "I want to get an interesting high-paying position." Immediately write a goal, no matter how unattainable it did not seem to you at the beginning of the path. If the goal is clearly formed, then you deserve it, and the employer will understand it.

Knowledge of how to present information about yourself,few. You need to know how to send a resume by e-mail. In the subject of a mandatory note: the competition for the position (and the indication of a specific post). The font of the letter is 10-12 Times New Roman Cy, the text must be structured and logically arranged. Use the best Word 6.0 or 7.0. It is not recommended to use any compression program - no one will unpack the file, you need to provide all necessary information in an accessible form.

Sincerely we hope that the information on how to write a cover letter to your resume, the resume itself and send it all by e-mail will help you find the job that best suits your needs!

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