Restaurateur - who is this? How to become a restaurateur?


Probably, every time in my life I dreamed aboutopening their own restaurant. However, the restaurant business is a troublesome business, very subtle and has many nuances and tricks. By the way, in Europe the restaurateur is a very honorable specialty. To learn it, you need to learn a lot of skills and get a huge amount of knowledge.

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Who is the restaurateur?

Founder or owner of a network or one restaurantcalled restaurateur. This is an entrepreneur who developed the concept of a restaurant and founded it in accordance with it. The restaurant is called not only the owner of this catering establishment, but also the manager. At the same time, he should be not only a good manager, but also a creative person, a wonderful psychologist and esthete. Of course, the head of the restaurant must also have the talent of a marketer and a PR man. He should treat his restaurant not as a catering establishment, but as a special place where people come to get a lot of unforgettable impressions, spend a nice time and relax, having tasted something original and new. To achieve the desired result, the original interior, impeccable service, exclusive serving, incredibly tasty and unusually decorated dishes, and music, which has a rest and appetite, and much more should contribute to the achievement of the desired result. Naturally, the restaurateur is a profession more than creative, although it seems to many that the main thing in this business is the ability to understand culinary subtleties. It is no accident that many experienced restaurateurs compare their institutions with the theater, themselves - with the director-director, and visitors and waiters - with the actors. That's who the restaurateur is! Is not it a wonderful profession?

who is the restaurateur

The qualities that a restaurateur must have

It turns out that there is a whole list of qualities that a person should be endowed with who wants to establish his restaurant business or become head of a ready-made restaurant. Here they are:

  • creative thinking;
  • organizational skills;
  • stress resistance;
  • good memory;
  • responsibility and commitment;
  • good health;
  • rich imagination;
  • the ability to lead;
  • the desire to please others, and so on.

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If you want to open your own restaurant, thentake a look at yourself: do you possess many of these qualities? If not, then you better find a good manager, trained in such a profession as a restaurateur. This, believe me, will be the best way out.

The tasks of the restaurateur

Of course, the main goal of the restaurateur -organize your business in such a way that it brings income. To do this, first, attract customers, and then make them so impressed that they want to become regular visitors to the institution. And no matter how attractive the situation, no matter how polite the staff, but the most important "chip" of any restaurant is the kitchen. And this means that the restaurant should have a highly professional chef. The profession of a restaurateur does not oblige him to be an excellent cook, but he must have a subtle flair in the choice of the chef and other members of the team, naturally, in accordance with the concept of the restaurant.

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Where to study at the restaurateur?

In Russia, especially in large cities,There are a large number of restaurants of different categories, from luxury to simple meals. Nevertheless, there is not a single state university where anyone could get a job as a restaurateur. However, people who want to learn this profession and become professionals can be satisfied with education in parallel areas, for example, choose the specialty "Tourism", "Sotskultservis and tourism", "Economics and management at the enterprise," "Economics and management of tourism enterprises", etc. In fact, those who decided to seriously engage in this business are sent abroad to obtain a diploma. There are many serious universities in the world, in which the specialty of the restaurateur is given much more importance than in our domestic ones. If many local entrepreneurs at the opening of their own restaurant are guided by their internal flair or the knowledge they received when visiting restaurants abroad, then in Europe, America or East Asia (China, Thailand, Japan, etc.) to this type of business are much more scrupulous. A restaurant can not be managed by a person who does not have sufficient level of knowledge.

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Can I become a professional restaurateur in our country?

As already noted above, in the statethere is no way for the universities of the Russian Federation to obtain a diploma of a restaurateur. So how to become a restaurateur without leaving the country? Recently, in view of the urgency and popularity of this profession, courses in many large cities of Russia open for those who want to conduct their restaurant business more competently. For example, in Moscow with the MBA city training center there are courses of restaurateurs. At the end of these students receive a certificate or diploma restaurateur. There are also training centers in which training is conducted for specific specialties that are necessary for the restaurant business, namely:

  • courses for restaurant owners;
  • courses for restaurateurs;
  • courses for top managers;
  • courses for administrators;
  • master classes for bartenders;
  • training for HR-specialists;
  • master classes and courses for waiters, etc.

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Chef and Restaurateur

In fact, the restaurant reaches the highestresults and gets the star of the "Red Michelin Guide", when the restaurateur and chef make a strong alliance and act in the interests of the institution. However, history also knows a lot of cases when the chef, not content with his position in the restaurant and having accumulated enough money and knowledge, decided to open his own restaurant. Of course, many talented chefs understand that the success of the restaurant largely depends on their ability to cook. Of course, this has some truth, but the well-being of the restaurant depends not only on the delicious food served in this institution. In order for the institution to flourish, very many details are important, including trifles. Therefore, the chef, who decided to leave the restaurant and start his own business, should be careful not only about the taste of food, but also about all the details of housekeeping. Having gained sufficient experience, he can go on a free swimming and open his own small restaurant. However, as a rule, after a while the chefs are bored with administrative and managerial activities, and then a graduated restaurateur comes to their aid. This is the best option for the safe functioning of the restaurant, because everyone should do exactly the same thing, which is better understood.

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Famous restaurateurs of the past

The French claim that the world's first restaurantwas based on their land, the Spaniards say the opposite, however, according to reliable sources, the world's first restaurant was Chinese. There was invented a restaurant menu. Nevertheless, the birthplace of these exquisite institutions for a pleasant pastime and food intake still need to be considered France. In this country, cooking is equated with the kinds of art, and skilful cooks are considered poets. The most famous restaurateurs of the past are Robert, Borel, Binion, Bovilliers, Risch and others. As you can see, many of them are French.

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