Demanded professions in Russia. List of popular professions in Russia in the future


Not only graduates of schools, but also quitethe formed personalities are interested in the question of which professions are in demand in Russia, after all, everyone can re-qualify and move to a new job. To be aware of the current situation in the labor market, it is necessary to get acquainted with the rating of the most necessary and highly paid professions. Of course, it is necessary to find a job at the call of the heart, it is important to find your vocation, but also prospects for further career growth, too, does not hurt to take into account.

Economy. Banking

Specialists in the sphere of sales have always usedpopularity. In a market economy they will always be in demand and will not remain without work. Sales representatives, marketing directors, accountants, insurance agents are valued for the weight of gold, provided that they are professionals who know their business, because their work directly depends on the profit of the enterprise. A list of popular professions in Russia is also replenished by specialists engaged in advertising: brand managers, marketers. The wages of such employees start from 25 thousand rubles, and if we talk about Moscow, then from 35 thousand rubles.

demanded professions in Russia

Banking does not stand still, every yearnew credit institutions are emerging, the old ones are being expanded through the creation of branches. Managers, accountants, loan experts, financial analysts can easily find a job. However, recently there has been a satiety of these vacancies in the market, but such work is paid very well: 20-25 thousand rubles, in Moscow - 30-35 thousand rubles. In banking, staff with extensive experience are usually welcomed. Proven professionals receive about 60-85 thousand rubles.


It is already difficult to imagine the modern world withoutcomputers. Computerization absorbs everything around. According to the most conservative forecasts, it will only grow. As a result, the demand for professionals serving and laying local networks, developing software, engaged in testing, design, production of various components, and does not think to fall. Programmers, system administrators, engineers are almost the most popular professions in Russia. Such specialists will always be needed, and the professionals of their business also receive good money. Minimum wages in Russia start from 25 thousand rubles, a smart programmer gets from 40 thousand, but this is not the limit.

demanded high-paying professions in Russia


New buildings are erected continuously and continuously,thus ensuring the employment of all specialists in the field of construction. Engineers of construction equipment, architects, engineers, welders - they all will not go out of work and at the same time provide themselves with stable and high earnings. The driver-machinist and gas welder in Russia receive at least 25 thousand rubles, and in Moscow - 10 thousand more.

what professions are in demand in Russia

Doctors and teachers are in demand occupations 2013

In Russia, education and medicine are spheresActivities in which the application can always be found. In 2013, the demand for teachers and doctors went off scale, we can say with confidence that the trend will not change in 2014, 2015 and subsequent years. Good professionals in these areas today are worth their weight in gold - if there is not even a place in the capital's university or clinic, then in such small towns and villages such specialists are waiting with open arms. But there is one big problem - a small salary.

Young people do not even want to listen to theseprofessions, because nobody wants to drag out a miserable existence, working from morning till night. Although there are exceptions to each rule. For example, dentists get pretty good, especially those who work in private clinics. The teacher can earn a tutor by-side, which is very popular today.

The demanded profession of the future in Russia

Tourism and Hospitality

Professional resepshionisty and administrators -this is also a demanded profession. In Russia, tourism is gaining momentum every year, which means that more people are needed in the hotel business. When choosing a similar profession, it should be borne in mind that one of the basic requirements of an employer is fluency in a foreign language, in most cases English. The salary of the hotel worker fluctuates from 20 to 30 thousand rubles, at the peak of the season in resort towns, you can earn 50 thousand.

Working professions

Most young peoplehigher education, in order to occupy leading positions in the future, sit in a warm office, work with documents. But someone must work physically. Recently locksmiths, turners, blacksmiths and other workers are the most popular professions in Russia. They always have a demand, because the needs of enterprises in skilled personnel are growing every year. A man of the working profession can count on a salary of 20-30 thousand rubles, in Moscow you can earn many more.

The most popular highly paid professions in Russia

Genius programming for already 5 yearsfirmly occupy a leading place not only in demand, but also in terms of salary. Of course, the programmer to the programmer is different, but the real professionals of their business can fully rely on wages in the amount of 100-150 thousand rubles. System administrators can claim 60-90 thousand rubles a month.

list of popular professions in Russia
The Internet market is expanding every year at an accelerated pace, so the need for webmasters does not decrease at all. Such specialists can claim a salary of 50-90 thousand rubles.

Architects-designers are alsodemanded professions in Russia. Construction boom is not observed, but still the construction does not stand still. In this area there is a shortage of qualified personnel, so young professionals are attracted by a tempting salary of 45-80 thousand rubles.

Logistics managers in the labor market are in high demand, the demand for them only increases. Specialists can count on 50-80 thousand rubles.

Stylists-make-up artists are promising for several years in a row and in the future, most likely, nothing will change. The professionals of their business receive from 45 to 70 thousand rubles.

Good chefs also will not remain without work, although here employers primarily pay attention to experience. Demanded specialists receive about 80 thousand rubles.

Professions of the future

Many young people, still only choosing where toto apply their knowledge and strength, they try to determine the most demanded professions of the future. In Russia and in 5, 10, 20 years will need environmentalists, IT professionals, "salespeople", experts in the field of nanotechnology.

demanded profession 2013 in Russia

Number of enterprises every yearincreases, which means that the environment is constantly exposed to pollution. Therefore, good environmentalists will be in price. As for sales professionals and IT professionals, it's also clear. Trade is in full swing for more than one millennium, and no alternatives are foreseen. Computerization also does not stand still, therefore specialists in this field will be in demand for more than one decade. Nanotechnology is already in use, and will soon be applied everywhere in many industries: engineering, medicine, food industry, chemistry, and space. Accordingly, experts in this field will be very necessary for the country.

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