Kavist - who is this, what does he do? Specialist in elite alcohol


Over the last century, the world has changed tounrecognizability. Once a smooth and measured flow of life, age-old customs and traditions are broken against the rapid flow of modernity. Scientists, engineers and simply talented and persistent people are coming up with something new and exciting every day. How can an ordinary person follow all these innovations and be aware of events, if not all, then at least the most important and relevant? Do not get lost in this or that question to each interested can help special guides, guides who will tell about all the subtleties and nuances of this or that science or the side of life.

kavist who is this

Now you will not surprise anybody with a personal stylist,personal financial adviser or spiritual guru. It's just that if you have a representative of a new and incredibly interesting profession at your disposal - a cavist. Who is this, what does he do and where he lives?

Kavist: briefly about the main

The word "kavist" has French roots and in the original sounds like cave, which can be translated into Russianinterpreted as a "cellar". To be more precise, it is the wine cellar. So, the cavist - who is this? A man who makes a cellar? No, this is the one who knows everything about the most valuable contents of dark, damp and cool rooms - about wine.

Such a profession as a kavist, now on hearingMany, but not everyone knows about its features. Most often it is associated with those who taste elite alcohol. The truth is in this, but it does not concern the entire alcoholic range, but only wine.

elite alcohol

Multifaceted personality

True, this only at first glance seems simpleand uncomplicated business. "What's so difficult?" the uninitiated will ask. Try yourself all sorts of different wines, know the main differences between dry and sweet, advise what it is better to use white, and when red comes, that's all the wisdom a cavist should know. Who will this assert, does not understand the depth of the profession and how much it is necessary to be able to know and understand a person who works as a consultant in a good wine store.

The field of cavists are specializedwine boutiques. These are very specific stores, where elite alcohol is not sold in the same way as in usual retail outlets. In a good wine store, all conditions for the proper storage of goods must be created, and its employees, also called sales consultants, are generally special people.

A man who claims to be a cavist,must have a developed sense of taste and smell, be able to communicate with absolutely different people, be communicative, erudite and literate, have pleasant manners and appearance. List all the requirements and preferences of employers is simply impossible, and many have different. One important thing is that a person has at least elementary ideas about wine, and everything else will be taught on the spot, others first of all look at the personal qualities of the future cavist, and for specially developing taste and olfactory memory, specially trained people are ready to undertake it.

who is a cavist and what he does

Human Psychologist

The main task of the cavist will always be sales. The visitor, and therefore, the potential buyer in the wine boutique can not be a poor man, people come to such institutions consciously, though not always clearly understanding what they need. The profession of a caviste suggests that a person can reach out to his interlocutor, talk him through and offer him his perfect drink.

For this it is important to have some skillspsychologist, it is necessary to be able to work with different people, among whom quite often gloomy and intractable specimens are found. The consultant needs to anticipate the desires of his clients, and also remember the history of communication with each of his customers in order to study the range of his interests and tastes, to have an idea of ​​what he likes and what does not accept.


Many people are also interested in this question: good kavist - who is it, man or woman? Are there any sexual preferences on this path? The answer is unequivocal: no. A successful wine consultant can be representatives of both sexes. One buyer is important to cooperate with a man-seller, others are more comfortable and more pleasant to communicate with a girl. Since in our country this profession is very young, many people dare to master it, achieving solid success in the shortest possible time.

profession of cavil

Continuous improvement is important here. Self-feeding, self-development is important. Kavistas, who have been working in the wine business for several years, "overgrow" with their own client base, generous buyers, who listen to the opinion of their seller and are grateful to him for the present holiday.

And after all during communication with the client the cavist mustto create a special, confidential atmosphere, he must be able to communicate in words what he knows by personal feelings, he must express the fullness of the taste and aroma of a particular wine through primitive words, to do it juicy, colorful and understandable.


In addition to direct work in the trading floor inThe list of daily duties at the seller of elite wine has rather routine and routine matters. He must maintain a good assortment in his institution, for this, the kavist communicates with existing suppliers, seeks new ones, expands the client base, screening out those who offer low-quality or non-good goods, replacing them with more cost-effective partners.

Receiving goods, its rotation, window dressing -all these are also direct duties of a consultant in a wine boutique. Often you have to deal with special customers, find unique varieties of wines, get scarce and rare specimens. It is difficult to call this work easy and not dusty. To understand who a cavist is and what he does, you need to join this profession, to feel its pros and cons to yourself.

kavist training

Human Encyclopedia

For those who have tried themselves in this field, oftenan insurmountable obstacle is the task to keep in mind a lot of information, and of a very different nature. Kavist not only knows all about wine, he also knows about where, how, when and from what it was made. He needs to remember such subtleties as the climate of certain regions where grapes grow, in which year was a good year for growing it, and when the summer was damp and rainy. All these nuances affect the taste of the product, which must be remembered forever, once tried.

In addition to the flavors and flavors of elite alcoholic drinksThe cavist needs to help the client pick up snacks. This process can be the opposite, because there are cases when the buyer comes with a specific purpose to buy wine under a certain dish, the taste of which should be fully revealed through good alcohol. It happens that the cavist has to help to make not only a wine card for the client, but also to sketch out an approximate menu for the evening.

Sommelier Cavist

Not to be confused with sommelier

Similar, but somewhat different in terms of complexity andset goals, is the profession of sommelier. Kavist is a person who works in a store, he sells wine, he needs to understand hundreds and even thousands of his species, be able to read the label in such a way as to recall the taste and aroma of the contents of the bottle while giving the consumer comprehensive information about the drink.

Sommelier also thoroughly understands the wine andother elite alcoholic beverages, but he works with what is available in his institution. The wine list of restaurants rarely exceeds a hundred positions, most often the choice there is much poorer. This does not mean that it's easier to be a taster and consultant in a restaurant, not at all. During work sommelier not only need to know the taste of wine, he must be able to combine it with the dishes served, so that they were a successful duet, and not drowned each other.

Difficulties of the profession

Being a cavist is very interesting and exciting, butThis profession is fraught with a number of specific difficulties and peculiarities. Taste and olfactory receptors are the working tools of a wine consultant, which must be protected, developed and carefully guarded.

how to become a cavist

It seems to the uninitiated that this workborders on the constant drinking of strong drinks, which entails unpleasant consequences in the form of alcoholism, but this is far from the case. In order to avoid such a scenario, a cavist must be able to control himself. In the area of ​​his access there is always alcohol: free samples are sent by winemakers, new parties are coming in, frequent presentations and tastings require the seller to try the wine literally every day. Before becoming a cavist, you need to ask yourself the question: but can I just try the wine and not get addicted to a drink? To feel a bouquet of taste and aroma, it is not even necessary to swallow alcohol, it is enough to inhale its smell in a glass, sip a small amount of the drink, and then spit it.

Lifelong Learning

Many are wondering how to getsuch a specialty as a cavist. Training takes place at special courses directly at the wine boutique, where the consultant will soon work. However, a rather short briefing will give only general notions about the forthcoming work, teach the basics, and everything else - in the hands of the youngest specialist.

He will have daily self-improvement,hard work on yourself. Kavist must constantly hone his sense of smell and sense of taste. For this purpose, a universal collection of wine aromas has been developed, called "the nose of wine". This collection of the most common flavors that a consultant will have to deal with, without knowing this basis, he simply will not be able to work.

Many professionals attend courses and exhibitions in othercountries, at various wineries, to learn the history and process of creating drinks in every producer perfectly, which helps them in their future work.

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