In Yekaterinburg, the salary for young professionals has decreased


A large industrial city and transport hubEkaterinburg, located in the central part of Siberia, constantly needs skilled personnel. It has a large number of higher education institutions, which train young specialists in various fields: mining, communications and telecommunications, culture, architecture, engineering, economics, construction, etc. One of the most important questions for university students is the question of job search. To facilitate this task, you can use specialized Internet resources. On the portal "Trud" you can find work for students both temporary and permanent. Here is an updated daily, an extensive database of various proposals from employers.

Trends in the development of the labor market for young professionals

According to experts, last year the share offree vacancies for young professionals in the region amounted to 5.3% of the total number of proposals. This means that every nineteenth registered vacancy was offered for young professionals or students. This indicator is the average for the country. In general, it can be noted that in comparison with 2011, the share of such vacancies increased by 3%. Despite this, young people find it difficult to find a job because of high competition in this segment of the labor market. Here it is more than in other directions in two or three times.

The most popular specialties

Maximum number of offers for young peopleexperts are located in the production and sales - more than twenty thousand positions. On the second place there are experts-technologists, engineers and designers - more than eighteen thousand vacancies. Then follows: administrative staff with more than 15 thousand vacancies and an accountant, about which employers have placed over 13 thousand offers. Personnel specialists (managers, business coaches) and programmers were required a little less than the above occupations. In these sectors at the beginning of October 2014. was placed more than 10-11 thousand free positions.

Salary analysis for young professionals in 2014

As for salary offers, herethere is a tendency to decrease. At the beginning of February this year, Yekaterinburg was at the forefront of the size of the proposed salary for young professionals, as a whole throughout the country. The average salary for students was offered by employers at the level of 28 thousand 167 rubles. However, since the summer it began to drop noticeably, and already in September the employers in this sector offered an average of 14 thousand 875 rubles.

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