What questions are asked to the employer at the interview, and what are not? What is important to know?


If you are in search of work or decide to change this, you should carefully prepare in advance for a meeting with a potential employer.

It should be noted that most of the people applying for this or that post are completely unaware of what questions are being asked to the employer at the interview.

What questions are asked to the employer at the interview?

First of all, you must demonstratethe future boss, that you are interested in the proposed vacancy, and you would like to work in his company, so you should not "keep quiet" at a meeting with him, but rather ask him a couple of relevant questions. However, do not strain your gyrus in an attempt to ask something relevant - the boss himself will push you into the "right direction". However, according to your reaction to his answers, he will assess your level of competence and experience.

So, what questions are asked to the employer at the interview, and which should be refrained from?

a) Perhaps, to ask, in what sphereactivity is a busy company? It is better not to do this. Before you go to a meeting with the employer, you should have read the advertising booklets and other materials. This question will be inappropriate.

Questions to the employer

b) Still, what questions are asked of the employer forinterview? One begs for itself. This is the amount of wages. However, at the first interview, it is not advisable to be interested in bonuses, bonuses and other additional incentives of a material nature, because you do not know for sure whether you will be approved in office or not. It will be right if you ask about how you could benefit the company in case you are chosen as the employee.

c) What questions do the employer ask forinterview yet? This list certainly includes: "Are there any other vacancies in your company?" This will somehow be clarified during the interview, so if this question remains open, you should ask it if you were made clear that your candidacy is not Suitable for the position you originally claimed.

d) Ask about career growth and whenyou will be promoted in office, also premature: there is no need to force events, to begin with, prove that you are a valuable acquisition for the company as an employee. It is better to ask about the schedule and the availability of days off.

Key questions for the employer

Questions to the employer should be asked in a confident tone, but in a soft and correct form.

e) Ask about when you canstart work and whether it is possible to start working directly in two weeks. Very often a person, before starting work in another company, has to settle matters in the old place - this, of course, takes time. As a rule, a new leader in this is going to meet a new employee. Such a question will be quite logical.

The main questions for the employer from outsideinexperienced and negligent workers is easy to predict. Usually they are interested in: "When will the wage increase?" And "Is there a break for a smoke break?" Talk about money can lead the head to the idea that the employee thinks only of them and he will think the last thing directly about the business. Well, everyone knows about the dangers of smoking, and the very fact of a bad habit with an employee will cause a negative reaction from the boss.

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