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Today we will find out what kind of reviews we receiveemployees of "Mobile Element". This organization recently leaves a lot of announcements about the recruitment of new cadres. It can not be just like that, right? Some reasons for this phenomenon should still be. And before you contact the company in search of further cooperation, you will have to study the opinions of its employees. Perhaps this institution should be avoided?

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What does

But before studying the feedback of employees"Mobile Element", it is worthwhile to understand in general what this organization does. Maybe, the vacancies you place will not work for you, just like the firm's activity.

"Mobile Element" is nothing more than a storecellular communication and technology. Here you can buy SIM cards from different operators, as well as mobile phones and accessories for them. In general, this company is the most ordinary mobile communication salon, in which you can turn for help. But what do employees think about his work? Is it worth it to settle here?


The next point that should be taken into account whenjob placement - these are vacancies placed. The thing is that for them "Mobile Element" employee feedback is even more or less positive. Companies are required, as a rule, cashiers and sales managers. These vacancies do not in themselves imply any specific duties and tasks.

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In general, in terms of the proposed posts foremployment with the "Mobile Element" is exactly the same as with competitors. Unless their ads look more attractive. After all, our today's firm does its best to attract the applicants. How does the job go? What kind of work in the "Mobile Element" employee reviews actually receive?

The first meeting

It all starts with an interview.Already at this stage, there is often no desire to become part of a particular company. But in the case of the "Mobile Element" everything is more or less normal. The thing is that at the first conversations, according to the majority of employees of the corporation, you will be engaged in a dialogue in a friendly atmosphere.

For an interview at the head office of the company,located in your city, will have to bring a resume. If for some reason it is not there, it does not matter. Staff feedback on the company "Mobile Element" often emphasize the fact that even a schoolboy is ready to employ. So, you can not have any higher education and resume.

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During the conversation, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaireapplicant. It is quite normal process of employment. You do not need to be afraid, no special knowledge will be demanded from you. So, you can say, after the interview, you just want to join the "Mobile Element". But is it worth it?

Training and experience

GC "Mobile Element" reviews of employees are not so radiant and encouraging begins to receive immediately after the potential employee is accepted into the state. Why is this happening?

For example, the fault is training and training.These events take about 10 days from a person. Of course, they are not paid. The first half of the day you sit on training, the second you practice. And so all 10 days. Home will not come until midnight, because the internship lasts until 23:00. Long, is not it?

Plus, during this process nothingthe new you will not be taught. Just tell and show what kind of goods and how to sell. In cases where you already worked as a manager in the mobile communication salon, this stage could also be missed. But according to the company's rules, this can not be done. It turns out that you already spend about a third of the month on a process that is useless for you. And this kind of event explains the feedback of the employees of "Mobile Element" of a negative nature. However, this type of training may seem useful to a beginner of his career.

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A work schedule is generally a separate topic,which causes resentment in applicants very often. And "Mobile Element" reviews of employees (St. Petersburg and other cities) in this sense earns not particularly good.

Why does this happen?Perhaps, the one who has already tried to find a job in a mobile communication salon knows that you will initially be told about a flexible and convenient working schedule. In "Mobile Element" you can choose options 2/2, 5/2, 3/2 or in general work on shifts, part-time. In principle, these are very good alternatives. The duration of the working day will be 8 hours. That's how it will be spelled out in the contract.

But in practice everything is somewhat different.For example, feedback from the employees of "Mobile Element" quite often emphasizes the fact that the chosen schedule of work is constantly violated. Especially if you're new to the company. The working day will be 12-14 hours without overtime, and you will most likely be called in to replace you every day. No stability and compliance with the conditions prescribed in the contract. This is a strong argument to refuse to cooperate with the company.

staff feedback about the company mobile element

Social guarantees

According to many employees of the company "MobileElement ", there is no such thing as" social guarantees "in this corporation, they will be promised to you initially, only in practice everything will turn out approximately the same as with the working schedule.

For example, there is no lunch break.Officially you have the right to spend an hour on a meal, just arrange with your team who and how much they substitute for each other. However, if the authorities notice your absence, you will get reprimanded. In the workplace there is, of course, prohibited. Maximum - a cup of coffee or tea, which will be hidden somewhere under the cash register in the store.

Vacation and paid holidays are generallysomething incredible for the "Mobile Element". Employees assure: you will not achieve neither one nor the other. The maximum that you shine, so it's a day off at your own expense. If you could question the vacation, you will not receive any payments. For everything you will pay out of your pocket. The hospital is paid scanty, and even with a huge delay. Sometimes it's even easier to take a day off at your own expense to improve your health.

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If you are a girl who plans in the near futuretime to start a family, forget about the work in "Mobile Element". For you, according to many employees, in this case it is just a waste of time. Decree companies do not pay, and "young" are taken with great reluctance. If it turns out that a woman is pregnant, then the leadership will certainly find a way to "push" her out of the workplace, contrary to the law. This is such a "Mobile Element". Although this kind of events are observed not only with this employer.


"Mobile Element" reviews of employees (Moscow isor another city - it does not matter) the most terrible gets in terms of wages. Initially, you will be promised a "white" earnings, and yes even very good. The sales manager in the company receives about 15-20 thousand rubles. It's tempting, is not it? Plus to this sum it is possible to add various bonus and percent from sales. Of course, all this can attract new applicants to the organization.

Only after employment does it become clear thatdocuments you have a salary of 8 000 to 10 000 rubles, that is, it is within the subsistence minimum in your region. Already a fraud, where the promised 15-20 thousand? It turns out that you do not have to count on normal earnings.

About bonus and percent from sales in general it is possibleforget. They either do not accrue, or are deducted for a variety of faults and oversights under the guise of fines. Many employees admit: earnings on distribution of the most usual leaflets in the street under the pretext of promoters and that more than in "Mobile Element".

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The Penalties

Perhaps, we should not forget that every companythere is a "whip" to maintain order in the workplace. Reviews of the employees of "Mobile Element" emphasize that in this company, punishments and fines are common.

By the way, for which they will be imposed on you, you can onlyto guess. The management distributes them, so to speak, according to the mood. Late? Fine. Do you have lunch? Not allowed, fine. Did not you come out to work? Punishment. In general, according to the majority of employees, getting settled in the "Mobile Element", be prepared for the fact that approximately 60% of your earnings are guaranteed to go to pay "debts" to the firm. The leadership will find fault. As you can see, "Mobile Element" is not the best employer. He already got on the "black list" in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Maybe in your town, too, is he there?

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