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Work - the main source of income for manyof people. In especially successful cases, it is also a favorite thing in all life. But in order to get a cherished workplace, it is necessary to observe a number of formalities, in particular, to collect the necessary documents for employment.

Types of documents

documents for employment

Admission of an employee to the state begins with the submission of his documents. They, in turn, fall into two categories: basic and required as necessary. The first ones are:

  • Passport or any other document proving the identity.
  • Employment history. In the event that an employee arranges foror for the first time, it is not required. For the first labor document is a book that is located at the main place of work, for the second - it must be issued in the personnel department. If the future employee for any reason can not provide labor (lost, damaged, etc.), the employer, on his written application, is obliged to create a new document.
  • Certificate of compulsory pension insurance. If the employee is arranged for the first time, then his department is engaged in the work with the staff.
  • Military card. Only for persons liable for military service and those who are subject to conscription into the army.
  • Diploma. Perhaps a document on special education, qualifications, if required by the alleged post.

Optional Documents

work on a form

Documents for employment are not always official. Sometimes an employer may require additional information from you in the form of optional paper certificates, such as:

  • Check in. Few people know that the law does not require it. However, due to recent circumstances (frequent population migrations), many employers consider this item as mandatory.
  • Wage information. Here, at your discretion, have the right not to bring.
  • Characteristic for a device from a previous location or recommendation letter from the former leader. Despite the fact that the document refers to non-core securities, it still costs to bring it, as it will add a positive rating to your piggy bank.
  • INN. When you work on a documentThe taxpayer should not be asked, but most likely you will be asked about him. Be prepared for the fact that it too must be formalized. This is done in the nearest branch of the tax inspection at the place of residence (registration or registration).
  • Medical certificate of the state of health. There are a number of professions that require testingwhen applying for a job, and sometimes go through a full medical examination. Such a certificate should be presented, for example, to employees employed in the food industry, in the transport sector, as well as people working with food (a salesman, a cook) or in childcare facilities (educator, teacher).
  • In addition, the employer may requireto undergo the necessary medical examination if an employee under 18 years of age is employed. Such a medical commission when employed is paid for by the host party, that is, by the company.

Stages of employment

Documents for employment are just the first step in the process of registering a new employee. All the way passes in several stages. Let us dwell on them in more detail.


First you are given a sample application for the device onwork that you fill out. Sometimes you write from yourself, but in a fixed form. Further the document gets on the table to the head, it prescribes in it the salary, puts the date, the signature. After that, your application along with the remaining documents is submitted to the personnel department.

There are internal documents for the device on thework is a collective agreement, corporate rules, local regulations on the schedule of working hours, on protection and remuneration of labor, on bonuses, on holidays, and others. The future employee should familiarize with them before the hiring, and necessarily with the signing. Neglect this procedure is not necessary, so as not to face in the future with violations that entail serious consequences, up to criminal liability. More precisely, if you do not acquaint the future employee with safety standards, for example, in case of an accident the management can punish all the strictness of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Employment contract

commission for work

The next stage (one of the most important) is the signing of an employment contract. Here I want to dwell in more detail.

It is necessary to conclude an employment relationship withinthree working days, delaying this process is unacceptable and contrary to the law. If you started to perform their duties before signing an important document, then the issue is considered to be resolved automatically (Article 67 of the LC RF).

The contract must include all information about thethe employee and the employer, the place and conditions of work, the mode of working time and rest, the amount of salary, including allowances, bonuses, etc., guarantees and compensations are fixed, if the person is involved in harmful production, the date of concluding the contract must be fixed. The labor document is signed in two copies. One remains with the employer, the second - with the employee (Article 57 of the LC RF).

Important points

employment characteristic

Each employment contract includes a line on the probation period, it is not provided for all citizens, so it should be paid special attention so as not to violate the law.

Article 70 of the LC RF states that the probation period is NOTis established: for minors, for pregnant women and mothers with children under the age of one and a half years. The basic information can be found in the submitted documents, but the certificate that the woman is in position, she should bring herself.

Important! If, at the time of the conclusion of the contract, she did not confirm this fact in a documentary, then the trial period is considered legal. Also, the test period is not set for graduates of state universities, which finished it no more than a year ago, have never worked anywhere else and are recruited directly for their specialty.

And a couple of fundamental nuances: the probationary period in the contract is indicated exactly at the moment of its conclusion, it will be impossible to introduce any amendments in the future. It is not possible to extend the trial stage, but it is possible to complete it before. Also, the salary for this period should not be lower than the income established in the staffing table.

In accordance with Article 64 of the TC, an unreasonable refusal to conclude an employment contract is excluded. The employer is obliged to state in writing the reason for his refusal.

The device for work: forms

Having concluded the labor contract, the next step is the departmentframes the order on employment. It is compiled according to the unified form (T-1) adopted by the State Statistics Committee of the Russian Federation. Acquaintance with him is carried out within three days and must be signed. Further, an entry is made to the work book, which the employee of the personnel department leaves at work. From all other documents he takes copies, puts them in storage in a private file, and returns the original to the owner.

sample application for work

According to the law, a record in the workbook must be recorded within five working days from the commencement of employment.

And the final stage of the device for work isin the design of a new employee's personal card. It is also recorded according to the sample (T-2) set by Goskomstat, which is very convenient and does not cause complications.

It is possible that over time, documents fordevices for work will be required completely different. Since the labor legislation does not stand still, the laws are supplemented and improved every year, the requirements for the participants of the labor process also undergo all kinds of changes. And who knows what we should expect in a year or two? Not yet known.

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