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About employment abroad on numeroussites on the Internet you can read a variety of reviews. Work in Poland is also described by many applicants who have visited this country. It is worth mentioning that the labor market existing here is very specific. There is unemployment in the country.

reviews work in Poland

Vacancy for themselves can not be found by Poles who havediploma economist or programmer. At the same time, the country needs a large number of workers in such areas as agriculture and construction. In addition, there are many employers who need waiters, dishwashers and cleaners, that is unskilled cadres.


In order to verify the correctness of the decision onemployment abroad, you can read numerous reviews. Work in Poland will make it possible to receive a larger salary than in Russia. At official employment the monetary compensation will make 450-1000 euros. But it is worth considering the fact that the Poles will pay more for the same work. In addition, a foreign worker will have to rent a house.

Numerous intermediary companies that work in Russia will help you find a job in Poland. You can try to do this yourself by studying online jobs.

Types of employment

Foreign citizens work in Poland as alegally, and illegally. The second type of work is performed without permits and clearance for a certain fee. Even if you helped friends in cleaning the apartment, and for that they gave you pizza, then it already falls under this criterion.

Official employment

Work in Poland must be legallyappropriate permission of local authorities. It is necessary to conclude a contract. Only in this case will the employer pay the salary due. In addition, he will transfer taxes for you to the country's budget.

find a job in Poland

Work in Poland legally entitles you to the following:

- receipt of a sick leave;
- free treatment in state polyclinics;
- obtaining a guaranteed minimum wage;
- compensation in the event of an industrial injury, etc.

In the absence of official registration, paymentlabor will be made only by agreement with the employer and depend on its honesty. In addition, illegal work can cause not only expulsion from the country, but also a two-year ban on entry. Probably also problems with further obtaining a visa.

How to start a job search?

To find a job in Poland will help specializedintermediary companies. It is important only to make sure of the legality of such a firm. To do this, make sure you have the appropriate license and statutory documents. It is desirable that the firm had positive reviews. Work in Poland in this case will be given for sure.

There is another option for finding a job. It means asking for help from friends or relatives who already work in Poland. In the event that their superiors need additional workers, they can recommend you.

You can also find a job through the Internet. Labor exchanges that exist in Poland, on their own websites place data on the availability of places for employment. For ease of search, jobs are divided into categories. In addition, the exchanges necessarily indicate which countries the employer agrees to accept.

There are also specialized Internet publications in Poland. They collected vacancies only for foreign citizens. Such publications directly cooperate with employers, receiving first-hand information.

Young people can enroll in one of the Polishuniversities. A student visa allows work in this country for six months during each year. In addition, university students receive a temporary residence permit.

Requirements for applicants

The greater advantage in obtaining a vacancy isone who knows the Polish language. We also need to respect the history, customs and culture of the country. This is especially liked by the Poles. For an applicant for a qualified highly paid specialty, appropriate experience and a sufficient level of education is necessary. Chances are increasing for those who correctly compose a resume. This document should reflect the information on previous work places and completed educational institutions.

A working visa can be renewed every hundredeighty days on the application of the employer. In case of legal employment, a foreigner has the right to issue a card of the EU resident after five years. This document will allow to settle and work in any country of this commonwealth. Simultaneously with the card form a residence permit in Poland.

Seasonal work

Poland is on the list of the most popularcountries where they go in search of temporary vacancies. The country attracts by its proximity, which means saving money on the road. In addition, the Polish language is similar to Russian, which greatly facilitates the overcoming of the speech barrier.

Seasonal work in Poland, as a rule, involvesagriculture. Every year thousands of people come to this country to harvest apples. Constantly required workers for cutting champignons (in greenhouses).

seasonal work in Poland

Seasonal work in Poland is offered mainly from May to September. This period is especially attractive for students, because at this time they have a vacation.

To find a place in the summer can not only beagricultural lands. Who can get a job in Poland at this time? There are vacancies in public catering facilities and in hotels. These institutions need bartenders and waiters. Employees are also required in parks with attractions.

Remember that if you are looking for a seasonal job inIntermediary firms are connected to Poland, then already in Russia an agreement was to be signed with the employer himself, and not with this company. The document must indicate the amount of earnings. However, when it comes to seasonal work, a pre-signed agreement may not be implemented. This is confirmed by numerous reviews.

Work in Poland on seasonal vacancies depends onthe area of ​​the farm, from the weather, from the crops that are grown there. It is simply impossible to envisage all the subtleties. Such labor has either piece-rate or hourly pay. At what point do you need to pay attention when signing the contract? In this document, either the minimum amount of the hourly rate or another fixed amount should be indicated.

It should be remembered that, despite the seasonality, andsuch work should be formalized. Only then you will protect yourself from scammers who will give out wages much less than they sounded at the interview.

Work at meat processing plants

Physically strong, hardworking and healthy peoplein Poland there are many vacancies. Some of them refer to work at meat-packing plants, which makes it possible not only to receive a decent reward for their work, but also to travel through European countries, and subsequently obtain citizenship.

Work at meat-packing plants is connected with physical labor. Men, as a rule, are engaged in processing (vein and boning) of meat. Women pack the finished product.

In order to be arranged by the observer, it is necessarybe able to separate meat from bones. It should be noted that the required output is one hundred kilograms of product per hour. During the first month 9 zł per hour is paid. Further, the rate increases to 10-12 zł / h. The embarkers work 5-6 days during the week for 10 hours. Every two and a half hours - rest 10 minutes. If a person earns more than 250 hours during a month, an additional bonus of 500 PLN is paid to him.

work in Poland legally
What else is offered to work in Poland onmeat-packing plant? Reviews already settled for these industries speak of a large number of vacancies packers. And Polish entrepreneurs need both women and men under 55. Education for such employees does not play a role. The labor of packing meat products is physical. The working day lasts from eight to twelve hours. The day off is Sunday. Wages - from 7 to 9 zł / h.

Overalls in the form of jackets, hats, trousers and shoesis provided free of charge. However, this is not all to make work in Poland at the meat-packing plant as comfortable as possible. Reviews speak of a low temperature regime in the shops of enterprises (from 3 to 12 degrees). In this regard, under the uniform must always take warm clothes.

Attractive for applicants for the vacantplaces and social guarantees provided by the employer. They include insurance and mandatory leave once a week, as well as the payment of taxes provided by law.

Accommodation is free of charge in the hostel. We recommend taking only bed linen, a spoon, a fork and a saucepan.

Work as a welder

Work in this specialty canmen under 60 years. Work in Poland as a welder is most often provided in Warsaw, as well as in Gdansk and some other cities in the country. It is enough for the candidate to have a secondary education, but at the same time the work experience in this specialty is required for at least a year and the availability of relevant qualifications.

Work in Poland welder is provided only to those men who are healthy and lead a sober lifestyle.

work in Poland as a welder

We need such people on the construction sites of the country. Here they work for 10 hours six days a week. At the same time, payment for labor will average 12 zł / h.

Work is provided in Poland by a welder at theMIG-MAG. This welding of ten-twelve-millimeter black metal under the X-ray. Applicants are required to read drawings and have relevant experience for more than two years.

Shipyards also provide workwelder in Poland. Reviews of wages indicate the possibility of obtaining for this work from 1,400 to 1,800 dollars a month. One or two days off are provided per week. The working day lasts 8-10 hours. Free housing, shoes and uniforms are guaranteed.

Need for drivers

Poland is one of the largest players on the marketcargo transportation. It is difficult to find such a parking in Europe, where there would be no trucks from this country. That is why the work in Poland is always in demand by the driver. Reviews indicate its relatively high pay compared to other vacancies. Many Poles sat behind the wheel of the TIR, and, having received the necessary experience, moved to English, Dutch and German firms. There they have even more money. That is why in Poland today, a large number of new drivers are required.

Local transportation

In Poland, you can find a job with a driver with a cardPole (if there is a category CE). His duties will include carrying out transportation near the employing company. Typically, these vacancies are arranged for young people, who require the acquisition of experience. The salary is in the range from 1500 to 2500 zł.

Always need drivers category CE and for travelaround the country. They carry out cargo transportation within Poland with rare departures to the nearest territories of the European Union. Such drivers are paid 2500 to 4000 zloty.

work in polish meat factory reviews

Many vacancies for drivers of categories CE forwork on the construction of freeways. Here the salary level ranges from 3,500 to 5,000 zł. This is a more prestigious job, and therefore it will be more difficult to arrange for it.

International shipping

Continuing to work as a truck driver in Poland. The reviews of those already settling in support a high enough payment for this work.

job as a trucker in Poland reviews

Truckers transporting goods to Russia,pay an average of 1,000-1200 zlotys per trip. If the company carries the goods from France, Germany or Spain to Moscow, then the cash reward is higher. Usually it is from 4500 to 6000 zł. It's interesting and good work, but it's rather difficult to find a job.

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