Occupation of the barista - who is it?


The word "barista" comes from melodicItalian language and translates as "a man working at a bar counter." But in fact, the barista - who is this? In Italy, for example, a barista is a man by profession, not part-time. And, namely, working only with coffee and having nothing to do with the barman. Although this profession originated in Italian lands, the impetus for its spread was the development of American coffee houses "Starbucks" in the 1980s.

Duties barista

barista who is this
Barista - who is this? This is a good specialist, who has experience. The one who knows at least 40 recipes of classic coffee drinks (ristretto, cappuccino, latte, etc.), and also has a large number of author's recipes. The master is obliged to understand the coffee varieties and to know about its origin, to be able to distinguish the tints of taste, to distinguish the degree of roasting and to understand how it affects the taste of the drink.

Barista is the wizard of the espresso machine, whichknows how correctly and with what force it is necessary to compact coffee into the machine, what is the pressure and extraction time in it. Coffee master must be distinguished by the ability to present his masterpieces of coffee art. Since the barista is not just a person making quality coffee, but the soul of a coffee house.

How to become a real master?

barista training
Large network coffee companies usuallyindependently "grow" experts. The applicant passes some probationary period, after which more experienced colleagues teach him all the subtleties of coffee art and in detail answer the question: "Barista - who is this?" Now in Russia this skill can be learned in all major cities: Moscow, Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, etc. The main selection criteria are:

  • age from 18 to 25 years;
  • good nature;
  • sociability;
  • knowledge of the basics of psychology;
  • responsibility for the result.

Barista training can take place duringwork. If he plans to take up his profession seriously and reach the world level, then you can get additional education. In Italy, in the homeland of this profession, men are employed as baristas for 30 years. The profession is considered respected, prestigious and highly paid.

A few indispensable qualities barista - the guarantee of an amazing coffee

barista is
Barista - who is this? This is a professional who, in addition to knowledge of coffee varieties, the technology of his production and the basis of cooking, has personal qualities that characterize him as an unrivaled master of his craft.

Firstly, a barista must have a creativepotential, because the main feature of his work - the creation of a variety of drawings on coffee foam. It is important that the master can realize not only standard patterns, but also his own brand. The coffee house will be popular if the menu of coffee drinks is diverse, so the barista should be able to show remarkable imagination in their manufacture.

Secondly, a true professional must possessstress and patience, as communication with customers is an integral part of the profession. The master should remember the preferences of each regular customer, be able to tell in detail and interesting about each drink and correctly offer them, depending on the situation. Goodwill and courtesy in relation to visitors - the key to the success of a beginner barista.

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