Technologies of transport processes: who will work for this specialty?


Transportation is an important part of society,because it provides the movement of passengers and cargo. This industry is necessary for the work of industrial, economic and other institutions. It does not create products, but is part of the infrastructure. In this sphere, a professional who has completed training in the specialty "Technology, organization of the transport process" can work.

Conditions of enrollment

The educational institution prepares specialists,which can organize the interaction of transport, as well as monitor, analyze the results of costs. The responsibility is the scope of security.

technology of transport processes

What is required to take in order to enroll. The main subject is mathematics. Additionally, the delivery of Russian and foreign languages ​​is required. The applicant should choose what else to hand over - physics, chemistry or computer science? On the basis of the results of examinations in these subjects enrollment is carried out.

Obtained skills

In order to understand the technology of transport processes, in practice the following skills should be applied:

  • planning and use of transport;
  • security control;
  • assessment and analysis of transport operations;
  • development of development plans.

All this is studied after admission to an educational institution. During the course, the theory and practice are necessarily passed. After passing the exams, a specialist may be allowed to work.

Where to go?

Direction "Technology of transport processes"studied in various educational institutions of the country. In the capital you can choose the University of Railways, the Academy of Water Transport, the Transport Institute. In any institution qualification is assigned, after which it is possible to get a job.

technology of transport processes

If you choose the full-time form of a bachelor, then the period of study is 4 years. In some institutions, correspondence and evening training are available, and then the period may be longer for 1 year.


In the direction "Technology of transport processes, systems" students receive the following skills and abilities:

  • road survey, quality assessment of technical facilities;
  • creation of documentation for the organization of traffic;
  • assessment of economic and environmental factors;
  • the implementation of transport certification, the verification of the qualifications of drivers;
  • organization of expertise in DPT.

Employment Opportunities

After training in the specialty "Technologytransport processes "graduates can get a job at different companies. These include transport companies, and the areas of passenger transportation and movement of goods. As this activity is constantly being improved, graduates receive a highly paid job with the possibility of increasing.

direction technology of transport processes

When the education is received in the direction"Technology of transport processes" (specialty) - what is it? Graduates have the opportunity to work as a dispatcher or administrator. The salary is 20-25 thousand rubles. Over time, career growth is possible to the head or director of the logistics enterprise. The income of such employees can be from 40 thousand rubles.

Master's Courses

On the specialty "Transport technologiesprocesses "you can finish the training not only for a bachelor, because there is also a magistracy. This allows you to continue learning. After that, there are more opportunities for employment.

Thanks to the master's degree you can teachteaching work in high schools, which is very prestigious. The received knowledge, skills and abilities will allow to take and for technical subjects. It will also help in career growth.

Who to work with?

If you receive an education in the field of "Technologytransport processes "(specialty) - what is it? This is the acquired qualification, on which you can get a job. Among the popular professions are the following:

  • forwarder;
  • the dispatcher;
  • the logist;
  • economist;
  • technologist.

It is necessary before the training to determine the direction to which employment will take place. In each sphere, employees have their own rights and responsibilities.

Logistics area

In the direction of "Technologies of transportprocesses "can be arranged in the field of logistics. Only for this purpose the diploma of the expert is required. The level of workload and responsibility is determined by the scale of the enterprise. The list of duties also depends on this.

technology organization of the transport process

To perform this work requires a special warehousemind, as well as the ability to distribute, correlate and analyze. The responsibility is to complete the documentation. The work allows you to optimize transportation, choose suitable routes, manage flows.

Work of the dispatcher

At first glance, the dispatcher's profession canseem easy, but it's not entirely true. Work in a taxi is to receive calls from customers, as well as to transfer orders to drivers. The employees of the railways or airlines have more difficulty, because they are under the responsibility of goods or a lot of lives.

technology of transport systems processes

If there is any slight error,it can turn into a catastrophe. In these cases, criminal liability is provided. Although many enterprises have computerized systems and equipment that allow them to monitor all activities.

After the training there is an opportunity to get settledforwarder. In this case, the employee will be responsible for the goods carried. But specialists with higher education are rarely organized by forwarders. The sphere of transport remains in demand at various enterprises, so there should not be any difficulties with employment.

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