The highest paid professions in Russia


When looking for a promising job orthe desire to obtain an actual education, many are looking at the top of the highly paid professions in Russia. After all, everyone wants to have a profitable, popular and prestigious profession.

American rating

The highest paid professions in Russia

Seven first places on the list of the most prestigious andProfitable professions in America are occupied by doctors. For example, an anesthesiologist in the US earns an average of $ 290,000 a year. The salary of the surgeon is 260 thousand dollars, the gynecologist - 210 thousand and so on. Even the store manager in America receives a more modest salary than an anesthetist's nurse.

The specialty of the doctor was included in the listhighly paid professions in Russia. We have it in third place in terms of prestige, but it is not considered profitable. According to sociologists, the profession of a doctor is considered prestigious due to the demand for good specialists. In addition, it refers to important and moral specialties.

VTsIOM data

Top high-paying occupations in Russia

The highest paid professions in Russia are listed as follows:

1. Judge, lawyer, lawyer, notary.

2. Senior manager, director.

3. Pharmacist, doctor.

4. Bank employee.

5. Financier, economist.

6. The businessman.

7. Deputy, minister, civil servant.

8. An employee of a computer firm, a programmer.

9. Auditor, accountant.

10. Worker of show business.

It is worth, however, to note that the mosthighly paid professions in Russia are constantly changing, as their demand is changing. To date, lawyers are no longer specialists who earn the most. Many legal workers have very low salaries. Yes, and find a job in the specialty immediately after receiving a diploma is very problematic. That's what happens to girls who graduated from a law school, work as secretaries in courts, where there is neither prestige nor profit.

List of highly paid professions in Russia

Prestigious and highly paid professions in Russia

What specialties are guaranteed to bringincome? With the rating of VTsIOM you can argue, because the salary of a minister can not be less than the salary of a lawyer or even a director. The biggest income in our country is brought by the profession of "an official of the highest rank", and hardly anyone will dare to argue with this.

At the next place in the list "The mosthighly paid professions in Russia "is the leading position in the field of gold, oil, aluminum, nickel and copper. These professions always brought a good profit, and this will continue until the natural resources run out on the Earth. Entrepreneurs occupy the third honorary place in the list. Fourth - bankers and their approximate.

The salary of a bank employee at all timeswas high, and to this day the situation has remained the same. But getting a job as a manager of a large organization is not so easy. The fifth place in the ranking is given to the profession of "programmer" and professionals working in the field of innovation. And if you believe the forecasts of sociologists, then very soon it will be possible to stake on technical specialties, the profitability and prestige of which will increase significantly.

In general, we can summarize that the profitabilityprofession, of course, matters, but it's better to focus not only on this factor. You should like the work and meet your interests and character. After all, everything is constantly changing in the world, and it is quite possible that the profession that you have chosen for yourself will become the most profitable and popular one.

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