The administrator is who? Professional duties of the administrator


The modern consumer is very demandingquality of services provided to it. Therefore this sphere is constantly being improved. The post of administrator becomes more and more popular. So, today most shops, clubs, salons have such an employee in their staff. Customers are more likely to visit institutions where such a specialist works. After all, the administrator of the institution can always seek help, ask questions and resolve the conflict situation.

Features of the profession

Administrator is an official, workwhich is connected with the management of state or commercial organization. Such an employee is rightly considered to be the chief assistant director. Therefore, the requirements for his skills, skills and personal qualities are high. According to many employers, a good administrator is one who:

- is a professional in economics and management;

- understands the documentation;

- can process information on the computer;

- Skilfully owns communication skills;

administrator is

- Has high organizational skills;

- has such personal qualities as emotional stability, tolerance, ability to persuade.

Professional duties of the administrator

salon administrator
These include:

  • Providing quality customer service, creating comfortable conditions for them.
  • Providing the visitor with the necessary information regarding the range of services, shares, possible bonus programs.
  • Maintaining the documentation (recording at the reception, filling the customer base, etc.).
  • Ensuring public order (takes measures in case of conflict situations, examines complaints of clients, monitors discipline of employees).
  • Monitoring the maintenance of cleanliness in the room, compliance with sanitation standards.
  • Inform the management of the shortcomings in the service.
  • Performance of instructions of the chief.

The administrator is the right person in many areas of business.

Trade area

Trade is a very ancient occupation of people.And the ability to sell is a useful skill. Today every trade enterprise wants to be competitive. To do this, it is not enough just to have a quality product, you need to be able to offer it to the buyer. This function is often performed by the store administrator. The duties of this official include the management of the trading room. He must control the reception and delivery of goods, the timely appearance of products on the shelves, shop windows, check the quality, the shelf life of the entire range.

To attract customers, the manager canconclude an agreement with the company for BTL-services. Such advertising of goods in the form of tastings, presentations of novelties raises the rating of the enterprise, and the initiator receives a legitimate award.

Also, the store administrator does not trymiss interesting promotions. Because as a result, the enterprise will receive an advantageous bonus supply. And it is not superfluous, because sometimes the store incurs losses due to theft, delinquency of goods.

store administrator

Sphere of entertainment

The administrator of the club is a manager,The representative on whom the responsibility for quality of leisure of clients lies. The given expert should supervise three directions - a club premise, workers, clients.

A good administrator understands the importance of stylish design and cleanliness of the hall. And also the adjacent territory outside.

Under the administrator are employeeskitchens, waiters and bartenders, technical staff, security service. The manager must ensure that they all follow the rules of discipline, hygiene and sanitation standards. If, for example, a client finds a hair in his dish, it will be the administrator's fault, since he did not control his staff.

The manager of the club is obliged to meet politelyvisitors, accompany them to the table and talk about the possible services of the establishment. In the case of a large number of guests, he can entrust this to an experienced waiter. If there are conflicting situations or the client makes claims regarding the quality of the service, the administrator must listen carefully and take measures to solve the problem.

club administrator

The sphere of the beauty industry

Work in this area is not as simple as it seems. The administrator in the beauty salon is selected not only for the level of professionalism, but also for external data, because he will be the "face of the company." It is he who is primarily seen by clients and judged by him about the level of services of the salon.

The administrator welcomes visitors. He helps to choose procedures, advises to pay attention to additional services of the company. He also deals with cash settlements, coordinates the work of other salon specialists.

Whatever the direction of the firm's activity, the administrator is first and foremost a qualified specialist with excellent abilities for organization and self-organization.

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