Specialty "state and municipal management": whom to work with?


At present, the popularity of the specialty "state and municipal management" is growing. Who can work after the completion of training?

state and municipal management of whom to work

General moments

It would seem that such a prestigious specialization,a high pass mark when enrolling in a higher educational institution should be a guarantee of an excellent career, quick and profitable employment. But in practice the situation is somewhat different. Graduated from the faculty of "state and municipal management"? Who to work with - do not know? For a start, let's highlight the features of this direction.

municipal and state administration where to work

Features of the profession

There is a natural question for those who chosefor training the direction "state and municipal management": who can work after the completion of studies? Yesterday's students have at once three alternative ways:

  • work in a private organization;
  • find a job in the state structure;
  • get a position at the institute or research laboratory.

Such prospects in specialization"State and municipal management", whom to work with - the choice is left for the holder of the diploma. At employment the competitor should consider financial requirements, own ambitions. After five years of training, the basics of forecasting and analysis should not be particularly problematic when exploring all the advantages of the proposed position.

who can work


In real life, graduates of the direction"State and municipal government", they do not choose whom to work for, but they agree to any proposals concerning office work. Such a position is difficult to call the limit of dreams, but, despite the low wages, a significant amount of work, the clerk has all chances for a good career growth. But this is relevant only in those organizations in which further promotion is possible through the career ladder. Holders of the diploma in the direction of "state and municipal government", who to work for, should choose themselves.

specialty state and municipal management

Service to the state

If a graduate has chosen a job in the stateorganization, he must understand the entire burden of responsibility that is assigned to him. In fact, such an employee is an intermediary between the institutions of power and ordinary people. Do you argue over who should work after the "state and municipal management" of the faculty? First you can count in state structures only for the position of a specialist of the 2nd category. Salary, which will offer a young specialist, does not exceed 20-25 thousand rubles. But from the state side in many regions of the country various support measures are offered, for example, privileges for children to enter pre-school educational institutions, free travel in public transport, treatment in local sanatoria. As the length of service increases, the amount of wages automatically increases, and there is an opportunity to move up the career ladder.

Faculty of Public Administration

Private companies

Have on hand a diploma with a specialization"Municipal and state management", where to work, have not decided yet? Try to find a job in a private company. In this case, you can even count on a good salary even without experience. If you want to get a momentary material profit, immediately look for vacancies in non-state companies. Graduates who dream to serve their country with faith and truth, should be ready for low wages, irregular work schedule. The main advantage of this choice can be considered the opportunity to maximize the satisfaction of their personal ambitions. Do you have the specialty "state and municipal management", who have not decided to work yet? In that case, try first to work for a large corporation. In any firm there is a special department, whose employees are engaged in establishing links with state structures.

who work after the state and municipal government

Requirements for a private company employee

In order to count on high wages, it is necessary to have certain skills in working with the department dealing with relations with state structures:

  • to carry out a full analysis of the actions of the authorities, the adopted laws, the policy;
  • to find ways of effective interaction with state structures;
  • support and implement programs that are aimed at joint activities with local governments;
  • identify the main needs of the company.

Far from every private company existsinteraction with public authorities at such a high level that would allow the creation of special departments, hire qualified staff. Such activities are engaged only in huge corporations and large monopolists. In them, the state acts as the main shareholder and founder, so it will be difficult for a former graduate to find a job in such a serious company, even if he has a profession of "state and municipal management". Where to work new specialists?

profession state and municipal management where to work

Consulting offices and analytical centers

Employment in such organizations is notguarantees high wages, In addition, it will be difficult to count on rapid career growth. But for those people who are interested in forecasting, analysis, working in a consulting center or an analytical agency will be an excellent option. If those predictions that you will make, will turn out to be accurate and successful, there is a chance in a few years to win a positive image, to become a respected member of the team. Gradually you will receive a certain weight in a certain circle, your suggestions and ideas will be listened to, you will be systematically invited to a variety of analytical programs and programs. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that only a few can make a full career, all the rest will have to be content with the second roles, perform very prosaic duties. There is a small chance to be an employee of an international consulting company, to get an opportunity to realize its own potential.

Work as an official

There are certain requirements thatthe employer submits to a graduate of a higher education institution. In order to count on prestigious work, it is necessary to demonstrate the following qualities to a potential employer:

  • Analysis. It is necessary to have information about the main changes taking place in the financial market, in tax policy, monitor political trends, and know about the possible risks of managerial work.
  • Organization of activities. To be able to create and plan new projects, including the development of programs for the whole region.

In addition to the skills listed above, an officialshould establish a full-fledged relationship with the public, speak several languages, provide advice to private companies. If a young employee has all these qualities, he will find himself a very promising and highly paid work, will be in demand.


After five years of study, having received a specialty"State and municipal management", who gets a job, is decided by the holder of the diploma. It is important not to forget all the skills and knowledge that were acquired in the process of studying, to fully implement in practice. This specialty is considered to be one of the most modern and young in our country. In 2015, the Russian Federation introduced a new federal educational standard to train specialists in state and municipal management. At the moment this specialization is one of the most popular among applicants, so for admission to the faculty of administration, high scores of the unified state examination are needed. Successful graduates of secondary schools try to get into this specialization, realizing that after the completion of training they will have a real chance to work in budget organizations, commercial structures, public administration.

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