Mechanic driver: training, duties, instructions


A driver-mechanic is a person whois engaged in repair, maintenance, and also management of heavy equipment with the raised passableness. This technique can be used both in normal conditions (in farming, fleet), and in paramilitary structures (all units of the Russian army, as well as in the departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs).

Where required

This post was widely disseminatedin the armed forces. In order for the machine to be in good order throughout the journey, and to save space in the crew, the driver and repairman combine the functions of one person.

The driver performs repair and management of the following types of transport:

  • combat vehicle landing;
  • tank;
  • infantry fighting vehicle;
  • a vehicle of anti-aircraft missile systems (anti-aircraft missile system);
  • combat reconnaissance and sentinel machine;
  • wheeled armored personnel carriers;
  • all-terrain vehicles;
  • TMM (heavy mechanized bridge);
  • multi-axle diesel cars (MAZ, BAZ, MZKT, KZKT);
  • snow aerial vehicles;
  • machine amphibians GT-T, GT-SM (GAZ-71), MT-LB, DT-30 [4], DT-10.

In civil life, the position is often found incompanies that have their own vehicle fleet. To combine the position of an employee with the work experience, the mechanic is taken to a position that implies the simultaneous driving of the vehicle, as well as its maintenance.

In the army, the mechanic combines the driver often. Such posts are manned by military personnel who have been trained in the military unit. In the period of work or service, a mechanic can improve his professional qualifications.

driver mechanic

Related are the specialties: the bulldozer driver, the all-terrain vehicle driver, the excavator driver, the tractor driver, the skidder, the scraper driver, the agricultural tractor driver.

What does

The driver driver is required to know the rules for the maintenance and operation of special vehicles, signals and rules for traffic.

The specialist manages the entrusted vehicle, carries out maintenance, engine adjustment, repair, adjustment of auxiliary and special technical equipment.

The duties of a driver mechanic involve knowledgevehicle at such a level that it was possible to carry out repairs in off-road conditions, a difficult weather situation, in extreme conditions or in the absence of an opportunity to receive service.

Job description

The driver-mechanic must perform only thoseduties that are prescribed in the job description. Since the position is most often found in paramilitary structures and in the army, there are practically no additional tasks.

The job description should specify the duties, rights, responsibilities that are assigned to the employee.

driver's work

Interaction with other units can also be prescribed in the document.

Obligatory knowledge

In order to perform his work qualitatively, a mechanic must possess a large amount of professional knowledge. The driver's manual contains a list of required knowledge:

  • device, purpose and principle of operation of aggregates, mechanisms, as well as devices of the motor vehicle being serviced;
  • rules of technical operation and traffic for cars;
  • methods of detection, the causes of the occurrence, elimination of malfunctions that arose during the operation of the vehicle;
  • rules for car maintenance;
  • rules, according to which the operation of batteries and automobile tires is carried out;
  • rules, according to which the storage of vehicles in open parking and in garages;
  • maintenance rules;
  • ways to prevent accidents on the roads;
  • methods of providing first aid in case of accidents;
  • the procedure in which emergency evacuation of passengers during an accident is carried out;
  • internal regulations and safety regulations.


That there was no misunderstanding fromemployee, as well as claims from the higher management, the duties in the instructions are prescribed in the most detailed manner. There can not be any ambiguities or other interpretations - all the wording is as simple and straightforward as possible.

duties of driver mechanics

The duties of the driver include:

  • ensuring reliable and trouble-free operation of all types of equipment;
  • maintenance of correct operation of equipment;
  • the product of timely and quality repair and maintenance of the vehicle;
  • the supervision of the condition of the vehicle and its repair;
  • participation in the acceptance and installation of new equipment;
  • the organization of the account of performance of repair work;
  • compliance with occupational safety and health standards;
  • control of the vehicle in any conditions;
  • completion of travel sheets;
  • checking the technical condition of the vehicle before departure;
  • acceptance of goods;
  • checking the accompanying documentation for the goods;
  • check the integrity of the packaging of goods carried on the vehicle;
  • ensuring the integrity of the goods during transportation;
  • preparation of documentation for unloading.

The work of the driver mechanic provides:

  • elimination of minor malfunctions during the operation of transport;
  • keeping the transport clean;
  • fulfillment of management orders.


The driver-mechanic, like any employee of the organization, has rights whose protection falls within the jurisdiction of the legislative base of the Russian Federation.

driver's manual mechanic

The mechanic is entitled to:

  • the submission of proposals to the management on issues relating to its competencies;
  • use approved orders, instructions, orders, documents, rules that govern its work;
  • inform the management on what faults were found during the operation or verification of the entrusted equipment;
  • request, and also receive the information necessary for the work;
  • provision of overalls;
  • improving their skills;
  • assistance from management in the enforcement of its rights;
  • statutory guarantees;
  • the rights provided by the current labor legislation.


The driver is responsible for:

  • improper performance or failure to perform their direct functional duties, which are provided for by the approved job description;
  • causing material damage to the organization;
  • rude treatment of employees and colleagues, violation of internal rules;
  • the commission of offenses that occurred during the execution of direct duties.

Responsibility for each item is assigned exactly to the extent that they are provided for by the current criminal, administrative, civil, labor legislation of the Russian Federation.

place of driver's mechanic

A mechanic, regardless of whether he is listed in the army,in a private organization or in a state company, is responsible for the disclosure of trade secrets, the route of movement of vehicles and rolling stock.

For the disclosure of state secrets in the service in the army of the Russian Federation, full responsibility is assumed under the legislation of the Russian Federation.


Mechanics-drivers are trained by providingadditional education for those people who have a tractor driver's license (or a tractor driver). Training can be passed both at the expense of the organization, and at own will. At the end of the training, a document certifying the driver's mechanic must be certified. It is issued to people who have completed the full course.

driver's license

Training of driver-mechanics for civil positions is carried out in vocational schools, as well as in courses.

According to the legislation,occupiers of this position must undergo mandatory re-certification. Depending on where the employee works, the recertification can be carried out every three years or every five years. For special categories that work with the transport of a large number of people, re-certification and confirmation of skills are possible more often.


Workplace driver-mechanic stands out foran employee with a certain set of personal qualities and professional knowledge. In order to find a job for this position, the employee must have important qualities:

  • resourcefulness;
  • the ability to memorize and reproduce various manipulations;
  • the ability to maintain sober thinking and clarity of reaction under the influence of fear or sudden impacts;
  • ability to maintain high performance in emergency conditions, the state of time deficit, in stressful situations and during the impact of external stimuli;
  • the ability to clearly coordinate movements with the simultaneous operation of hands and feet;
  • an accurate eye and the ability to assess the magnitude of the distance;
  • an accurate and rapid motor reaction to the object that is moving;
  • endurance;
  • adaptability.

the mechanic combines the driver

In order to master a specialty, you need at least a complete general education, as well as an initial vocational education or secondary.

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