Sub-work on a personal car - the pros and cons


The car today is almost everyone.Some are more elegant, others are simpler. But for any car enthusiast this is a favorite toy, which also requires constant costs. And what if the income is low and the work is intermittent? In this case, you can turn your pet from a monster that constantly requires money into a constant profit. Uncomplicated work on a personal car will help to cover the financial deficit. There are many options.

Taxi booked?

This is one of the most popular types of earnings.The times of private traders, who themselves caught customers around the city, passed. Numerous firms offer this kind of work. The firm provides documents, provides orders. The work schedule is free. But such part-time work on a personal car has a number of shortcomings, the main one of which is fast car wear. In addition, some firms require payment of admission and pledge fees, they force advertising information on the car. Conclusion: the work will be profitable and comfortable, provided personal initiative and the right choice of the employer.

part-time on a private car

Self employed

This is the same part time on your personal car in the modetaxi, but with the official registration of all permits, payment of taxes. The driver gets all the profits. But the initial costs are quite large and will be justified only if it is the only type of earnings.


Quite popular and not requiring qualification- part-time on a personal car courier. Here, different options are possible. You can work at certain hours, for example, deliver pizza. At the same time, payment is only for real work. Pluses, when there are no orders, at best are paid at a minimum. For tardiness - fines. But, except for hourly payment, the courier is compensated for the cost of gasoline.
In addition, part-time on a personal car courierpossible in full-time mode. Usually this is the delivery of goods ordered in online stores. The payment is higher, but the responsibility is greater: you have to fill out the statements and receive money.

Given that sometimes you have to work late, there is a risk of being attacked.

part-time by personal car courier

Personal driver

What is still possible to earn money on a private car?Moscow - these are hundreds of job offers for drivers with a car for servicing an office or a private farm. At full working day it is necessary to carry employees or on duty at home from the owner that if necessary to go to shop, a beauty salon or club. There may be increased requirements for the condition and equipment of the car. Usually the labor remuneration and all compensation and repair costs are agreed in advance. It will not be superfluous to pay full insurance, which also must be agreed in advance. With a fairly stable and high pay, work can be boring, with long downtime.

Oh, this wedding!

For owners of luxury carspart-time on a personal car for maintenance of various activities. Auto for weddings and anniversaries should be presentable and be in good technical condition. The payment for such work is high.

part-time on your personal car

Rent a car for rent

This is the simplest part-time job on a private car, notrequiring nothing but the presence of a car. But here one must be prepared for the fact that the "iron horse" is literally pounded. Usually, taxi drivers hire a car. The operating mode will be round the clock, and careful attitude to the machine can not wait. Therefore, you need to be prepared for increased car wear and frequent repairs. The lease contract must be strictly official and provide for the responsibility of the lessee for the car (with a specific description of possible situations). In addition, full insurance is absolutely necessary, which will lead to high costs, but will give a guarantee of receiving compensation in emergency cases. This type of earnings at first glance is easy, but in fact carries too many risks, up to the loss of the car. Therefore, it is preferable to conclude an agreement with a firm that will answer to the owner for the safety of the machine.

evening work with a private car

Tuning? No, advertising

Another way to earn money, nothing specialdoing and without risking - to cover your car with advertising. Normally, the vehicle mileage is set after advertising information is pasted, and payment is made based on the results of checking the speedometer readings.

Work of special transport

This earnings suits the owners of special equipment: excavators, aerial platforms, cranes, tow trucks. Depending on the specialization of the car, the corresponding services can be rendered: transport the broken car, load-unload a certain cargo, dig a foundation ditch. These services are very highly appreciated, payment is usually hourly with a specified minimum time. But this technique, even second-hand, is very expensive. Therefore, this work is suitable for those who can afford to immediately invest a considerable amount, which will pay off fairly quickly.

Bringing extra income, almost allwork, especially evening work on a personal car, are associated with a certain risk. Choosing the type of earnings, you need to think carefully and decide whether it suits you completely, or better to look for a less dangerous occupation.

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