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The kindergarten teacher is the first strangera person with whom the child encounters in early childhood and on which the development of a childlike character and the formation of positive qualities largely depends. It is the educators of kindergartens that form the self-consciousness of the future civil society of the country. The value of specialists in this profession can not be overestimated, because they donate sincere love and maternal care to their pupils during their stay in the preschool. The work and strength that the preschooler invests in children is invaluable.

The teacher is ...

Representations about the educator

Undoubtedly, the kindergarten teacherrepresents a noble profession, but not all can become good teachers. In order to determine whether this profession suits you, you should answer a few questions that will help you in this. The most important question - in your ability to love children, no matter what, and such as they are, with their shortcomings and peculiarities. This specialty will suit you if you are really ready to love your students with the same sincere and disinterested love that only children can do. If you want to be a child caregiver, you should remember that members of this profession should be able to control their own emotions. The teacher is a well-balanced person. To become a professional in the chosen field of activity, you need to have such qualities as punctuality, responsibility and mindfulness.

Who does not fit the profession of the educator
A kindergarten teacher

In addition to the desirable, as well as the mandatory qualities that a pre-school educator must have, there are some that he should not have.

● For example, irritability. Naturally, you will not get a good educator if you are instantly annoyed when you see children scamming.

● A teacher is a person who respects the sense of tact always and everywhere. Such a specialist will not come out of people who easily lose their temper.

● A teacher is a person who knows how to liveunder a certain regime. If it is difficult for you, then you can not work as a teacher, because the activity of children in pre-school institutions is clearly planned, as they say, by the minute.

● If you like to let things go on your own, then the profession of the teacher is not exactly for you, because working with children requires organization, systematic and observance of certain rules and regulations.

● Mindfulness and concentration are very importantin this field of activity. If you can not focus on one thing, but rather on several assignments at the same time, and are often distracted, then you will never be a preschool teacher.

Obligations of the provider
Preschool Teacher

At first glance it might seem that the workthe child's teacher does not require certain skills and abilities. In fact, everything is completely wrong. Misconceptions about the simplicity and ease of this profession are groundless. As a rule, people who do not come across the hard work of the preceptor do not think so. In reality, teachers have strict requirements, which they must fulfill, and there are many of them.

● Creating a psychologically comfortable atmosphere in a group of children is an important requirement for the caregiver's work.

● In their work, the child's educator should introduce and adapt both domestic and foreign methods of upbringing and education of preschool children.

● When organizing activities, special attention is paid to the creation of a safe environment, which should not harm the health of children, both physical and psychological.

● The organization of cognitive activity of children is also given an important place in the work of the educator. It includes not only specially organized classes, but also the free activity of children.

● A teacher is a person who knows how to develop an individual development route for each child based on an assessment of his current knowledge and skills.

● To work as a child caregiver, it is necessary to be able to develop correctional development plans for children with developmental peculiarities.

The above requirements are the most important, but this is far from being the entire list of rules that the child's teacher must adhere to in his work.

Receiving the profession of a teacher of a preschool institution
Educator dhow

To become a teacher, it is necessary to passspecial training. People of this specialty are trained in higher education institutions, where there is a faculty of pre-school education. In this direction, you can also get a bachelor's degree.

After graduation, if yougo to work on the specialty, you will have a small salary. Over time, it will slightly increase depending on the length of service and work experience, as well as your category. Specialists with length of service are often invited to private preschools, where salaries are significantly higher than state kindergartens.

Teacher's workplace

Actual form of labor protection educatorkindergarten is the attestation of the workplace. It is carried out with the purpose of revealing of unfavorable factors and their elimination. Solve these issues only with a thorough analysis of the working environment. During such events, attention is drawn to the compliance of the workplace with hygiene standards. Particular attention is paid to the degree of trauma in the workplace and the availability of collective protection equipment.

Children's Teacher

Harmful factors in the workplace of the caregiver

Harmful factors in the kindergarten can be biological and physical. Among biological bacteria and microorganisms secrete. The microclimate, illumination, humidity and so on are physical.

If found in the workplace caregiverseveral harmful factors, the group is closed for quarantine. This is necessary to eliminate all problems and create an optimal environment for the development and training of preschool children, as well as to create optimal conditions for the work of the child caregiver. In addition to the above, there is another chemical factor. It includes various mixtures and chemicals. Due to the fact that in preschool institutions the order in each group is carefully monitored, this factor is extremely rare.

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