The most popular professions for girls


We all sooner or later ask ourselves the question,which profession to choose, so that it was not only interesting, but also in demand for many years, besides it would bring a good income. Today we will try to find out what the most sought-after occupations for girls are offered by the modern labor market.

popular professions for girls

So, the largest number of vacancies forrepresentatives of the beautiful half of humanity is associated with the following specialties: a cashier, an accountant, a seller, a human resources officer and a teacher. Also very popular are the occupations of nurses, educators, guides and stewardesses.

All of the above claimed professions for girls mean good communication skills, stress resistance, non-conflict, attention to detail.

the most popular professions for girls

As for the list of the mosthighly paid specialties, then here on the foreground come not only exclusively women's professions, but also vacancies, which previously occupied mostly only by representatives of the strong half of humanity.

Required professions for girls (2013-th year) in Russia

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the list of the most popular as well as well-paid specialties for the female half of the population offered by the Russian labor market.

demanded occupations for girls 2013

The leader in this rating is the professionmanager. And experts are required to work in a variety of areas. Candidates for this position on average in the country can count on a very good salary of 45-50 thousand rubles a month.

Steady position holds and primordially femaleprofession of accountant. Specialists in this field earn an average of about 44 thousand rubles. The main accountants can count on a higher salary, an average of 61 thousand.

Required professions for girls include andsuch specialties as a realtor and a dispatcher, the demand for which is almost as high as for managers and accountants, but wages are approximately two times lower.

Over the past five years, there has been a veryhigh demand for marketers. However, in 2013, only four hundred representatives of the weaker sex claimed this vacancy. The average salary for such a vacancy is about 53 thousand rubles.

In addition, high demand this yearwas observed for the following vacancies: assistant manager (average salary - 36,000 rubles), a sales representative (47,000 rubles), a lawyer (51,000 rubles) and a secretary (29,000 rubles).

Now a little touch on the topic of the chances ofemployment. Representatives of the fair half of humanity are the easiest to get a good job at the age of 25 to 30 years. After thirty, the chances of finding a job start to decline gradually. Also an important role is played by work experience in the specialty. It is easiest to get the desired vacancy for applicants who have worked at a similar place from one to three years.

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