What is PR "VKontakte"? How to unroll the group?


Probably, each of you wants to becomesuper popular. But many people do not know how to realize their dream. Let's try to understand this difficult situation. To do this, we will have to make ourselves an advertisement, which today is easiest to create in popular soc. networks. One of these networks is VKontakte. Here we will conduct an advertising campaign, and we will be helped by a variety of thematic groups.

If you want to engage in promotion, you need to know what a PR «VKontakte» is. Let's find out, and also understand the very notion of "PR".

What is PR

In order to gain popularity among users of the network, we need to deal with PR. Let's find out about what it is, and also understand some of the subtleties of PR from the real world.

PR - a variety of advertising strategies,Use to increase the visibility of the company or person. This concept also has a second meaning: the actions of people or firms that provide advertising services to anyone. The term "PR" originated from the English words Public Relation, in the translation meaning "public relations". In everyday life it is customary to use the abbreviation PR, which is read as "PR".

There are several types of PR:

  1. White - creates a positive image of the advertised object. True information is useful here, benefiting a particular brand. You can also lie a little, embellish.
  2. Black - forms a negative imagecompetitors of any company. This type of PR is carried out at the expense of false information about the firm. It is interesting that such advertising can bring and benefit. Useful black PR for scandalous "stars".
  3. Gray - the formation of a negative image of the company forcustomer reviews. In this case, only truthful facts are needed. It is interesting that among the total mass of reviews there can be positive ones, but there are very few of them.

What kind of PR you can use, only you can choose. But white PR is the most innocuous and pleasant way to advertise your services.

We understood the term "PR". Now we need to find out what the PR «VKontakte» is.

PR and social networks

To date, soc. networks are very popular, so it is profitable to advertise your products and services here. Various ways to promote (increase popularity), we'll look at the example of the site "VKontakte", as it ranks first in Russia among similar projects. To implement our plans, we will create a PR-campaign for your group in this network.

what is PR vkontakte

By the way, PR-campaign is a whole spectrum of various actions aimed at promotion of your project. If we talk about social. networks, then this procedure can be aimed at advertising:

  • your personal page;
  • your group or public.

Increase the popularity of your product in social. network is due to a wrap-up (increase in the number):

  • subscribers;
  • like.

Types of PR "VKontakte"

You already know what a PR «VKontakte» is. Now consider its types. PR on the site "VKontakte" can be divided into different types and categories.

I. On the direction of action:

1. Mutual PR.

In this situation, two different companies must create mutual advertising and positive feedback.

2. One-sided PR.

The advertised brand is promoted by its own owners or with the involvement of PR agents.

II. Based on materials used and methods:

1. With the help of photographs.

It is necessary to create albums in which the photos of the promoted goods are placed, as well as links to pages with information about this product.

2. Through a variety of content types.

It requires the creation of special texts,multimedia materials, various kinds of games related to the subject matter of the advertised object. The main thing here is to allow users to discuss and quote the posted content.

3. Using groups and public pages.

It is necessary to create a group filled with interesting materials, and then to recruit people who will benefit from this topic.

4. With the help of gifts.

You need to come up with virtual gifts distributed as bonuses or with discounts.

III. On investment of capital:

  1. Paid PR requires that you need to pay the PR manager and wait for the results. It is important to correctly explain to the performer what goals you want to achieve.
  2. Free PR «VKontakte» saves yoursavings in integrity and safety, but you will have to make some efforts to increase the attendance of your group. Please note that your own strengths and capabilities are also capital!

IV. On automation of labor:

  1. Application of a variety of programs for promotion.
  2. Your own actions on the PR of the group.
  3. Placement of advertisements.
  4. The use of so-called sowing, i.e. placing links to your group in places with the target audience.

The best variant of the development of events will be the use of several methods of promotion in a complex.

Some important points in the promotion of groups

On the question of what a PR "VKontakte" is, we answered. Next, you need to understand what is most important when promoting groups.

Before you start promoting yourproject, plan your actions well. Then you can create a community and fill it with useful information, which should be as much as possible. Note! Of particular importance is the design of the group, which should be considered as it should. Now you can invite people, and also communicate with them and carry out support. It is important to pay a lot of attention to your subscribers: answer questions and comments, fulfill requests. In addition, you need to regularly fill your community with fresh news.

free PR vkontakte

It will be very interesting for your subscribers to participate in various surveys, competitions, open questions.

The program for PR groups "VKontakte"

Let's look at some ways to promote VKontakte groups in more detail.

Through a variety of programs and applicationsyou can easily and quickly unwind your group. You customize this tool the way you want. Now you can do your own business and observe occasionally the work of your new automated assistant. And he will promote the band for you. Already interesting? Let's look at smart programs in more detail!

program for PR groups vkontakte

The most famous and popular program is Viking Botovod. Let's see what she does. This application allows you to:

  1. Invite multiple users to friends, and then to a group.
  2. Carry out a chek like.
  3. Respond to messages.
  4. Publish new articles and notes.

It is important that all this happens in an automatic mode. In addition, you can choose the version of the program that is right for you. There are two versions of this program:

  • Lite is free.
  • Pro - paid, extended.

How to independently and free of charge to untwist a group

Let's now talk about howindependently make free PR groups "VKontakte". There are many methods for this. For example, you can post a link to your group in communities of similar themes or even write about your community administration project. In addition, you can negotiate with administrators of similar groups on mutual PR. But mutual praise is best done when you have 500 subscribers or more!

free PR groups vkontakte

Inviting people to your group, you can alsopropiarit it. "VKontakte" is allowed to send out a maximum of 40 invitations per day from one page, so for greater effectiveness of your work you can create several accounts. Please note that in the public page you can "Tell your friends" about your project, but there is no invitation service!

Pursuing the PR of your group, keep watchfor her statistics. You must have a sufficient number of active users. You should constantly receive feedback from people on posted notes. There must be a lot of different records, comments, discussions. If all this is not there, then your group is not alive. VKontakte moderators will immediately understand that you conducted an automatic promotion, and block your brainchild.

Internet resources for PR "VKontakte"

There are many websites on the World Wide Web, withwith which you can promote your group. For example, the service Snebes.ru offers free PR groups "VKontakte", as well as cheating "hearts", etc. It is alarming that here they are asked to enter the ID of the page. Similarly, craftsmen can easily crack you.

Let's consider other sites for promotion:

  1. On the sites of Vklid.ru, ForumOK and the like you can buy a lot of active subscribers. If you do not have money to buy, you can earn them by performing a variety of tasks on such content exchanges.
  2. Order tasks for promotion of users of the resource type Wmmail.ru.
  3. Find users of "VKontakte", offering PR for a certain number of votes (virtual currency "VC").
  4. Contact the PR agency.

We wish you good luck in your promotion!

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