Where in the "Windows 10" Control Panel and how to open it?


Undoubtedly, every user of operatingWindows systems know that the standard Control Panel contains most of the most important tools for setting up the system as a whole. Not all, however, clearly imagine where in the "Windows 10" control panel is located as such. Let's look at this question from a few basic points of view.

Where in the "Windows 10" Control Panel?

Actually, the component itself is not some kind ofspecific object, but is the most common executable file. However, its additional variants responsible for the settings are not in the root folder of Windows, but in additional directories (for example, Policy Definitions, WinSxS, etc.). In addition, the accompanying files themselves have names like ControlPanel with extensions of the type .adml or .admx.

where in windows 10 the control panel

However, this is already a jungle of computer technology. First, let's see where in the "Windows 10" Control Panel in terms of quick access to it. In doing so, we define the simplest methods that allow it to be called, bypassing the steps to find the executable itself.

How in "Windows 10" to find the Control Panel in the simplest way through the main menu?

As it is believed, the easiest way to access the desired panel is the newly appeared "Start" menu.

as in windows 10 find the control panel

Here you should use the section of all applications, then go to the standard Windows menu. This is where there is a direct link to the Control Panel.

Using the combination keys and lists

As it is considered, the question connected with "Windows 10": how to enter the Control Panel - can be solved and somewhat differently. To do this, there is at least a search engine in the same Start menu.

how to enter the control panel

However, you can do much easier.To do this, the system provides for the use of a combination of keys Win + X, after which a list opens in which all the basic elements of the system configuration are presented. As you can see, it's enough just to select a section of the control panel from the list to get full access to it.

Login through the command line

In principle, and that's not all.For even the most advanced users who like to work exclusively through the "keyboard" and do not recognize any manipulation of the mouse, you can advise the use of a special control command, entered either in the "Run" menu (Win + R) or via the command line (cmd ). In principle, there is not much difference.

additional information

In general, regardless of the current version"Tens", the question of where in the "Windows 10" Control Panel, has a fairly simple and, it can be said, even a universal solution. By the way, this "ten" from all other systems is not different.

where in windows 10 the control panel

Another thing is that the Control Panel itself hasdifferent content. For example, if you compare panel parameters in the "expiry", "seven" and "ten", you can find a lot of inconsistencies in the names of sections, their location, parameters available for customization, etc.

It remains to add one more fact.The fact is that to some specific parameters that are present in the Control Panel, you can get access, as they say, without departing from the ticket office. For example, changing the settings of Group Policy can be accessed via the gpedit.msc command, access to changes in the settings of the monitor and graphics accelerator is done by right-clicking in the free space of the Desktop. And that's not all. However, the Control Panel itself (especially its section of programs and components) should be considered separately, since such an article will require too much description.

Since in our case it was preciselyaccess to the Control Panel, I think this can be limited. Surely any user (even the initial level of training) has already figured out how to access this element of the system. For more savvy users, it's already clear that you do not need to use the Control Panel to access some specific settings.

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