Why "Sims 4" does not start: possible problems and their solution


Quite often, players think about why"Sims 4" does not start. It seems that the computer is powerful, and the game is of high quality, but there are still failures. Let's try today to figure out what could happen and how to deal with it.

why sims 4 does not start

Not even installed

The first problem that can arise isThe problem with the launch is still in the installation phase. More precisely, the lack of this process. If you are thinking about why "Sims 4" does not run on Windows 8 or any other operating system due to lack of installation in principle, then let's see what can be done and what the reasons may be.

Firstly, no matter how trivial it may sound, butthe lack of installation of a toy is often a signal to the fact that you simply do not have enough free space on your computer. For "Sims 4" you need to release 15-20 GB of memory. Then it will quickly establish itself and will work.

Another reason why "Sims 4" is notmay be incompatible with the system. For example, you can not run this "gizmo" on Windows 98. Be sure to check the system requirements before buying the disc.

Another reason is the installer failure. Nothing depends on you here. All you have to do is buy a new disk or download its distribution. No one is insured from bugs.

why sims 4 does not start on windows 8

Does not work

But why "Sims 4" does not start even when it was installed? There is a place, even more than enough, but there is still no point in this. Let's try to figure out what it can be.

First, you need to check whetheryou have all the drivers on the computer. Look for availability for sound and video card. If necessary, update them or even reinstall them. It is quite easy to do this. If there is a disk - installation is made from it, if there is not one - download the required driver from the official site, and everything is ready.

Also the reason why "Sims 4" is notruns on Windows 7 or any other operating system, there may be no DirectX program. This is a special set of libraries, which helps to work with applications. It is best to put the latest models. Download versions for your "axis" from the official Microsoft website.

Also, if you did not disable the anti-virusprogram at the time of installation, then the reason for "not launching" may be precisely your protection system. More precisely, the lock of any file in the process. It will be necessary to turn off the antivirus and reinstall the game. Then everything will start.

System incompatibilities

Another reason why "Sims 4" is notrun, as already mentioned, is the most common incompatibility of the operating system. Let's take a closer look at this issue, since recently this problem is the central one.

The thing is that in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 there is a built-in antivirus. When you try to install "Sims 4", it usually blocks any file that it considers "malicious." Even if this is not so. In other words, the Windows 8 operating system does everything it wants. So try to turn off the entire protection system on these "axes". And it's even better not to use them if you are used to playing with a minimum of failures and errors. However, this problem with the launch of the magnificent game "Sims 4" does not end there. Let's see what else can cause the application to stop working or outright lags.

why sims 4 does not start on windows 7

Be careful, pirates!

Another common reason whyany game can refuse to work - this is undoubtedly pirated versions. Of course, modern burglars try to do their work as accurately and as qualitatively as possible. Nevertheless, if we look at the situation, even licensed games, antivirus programs sometimes do not "miss". What can we say about pirate?

If you are faced with the problem of absencelaunch "Sims 4" on pirates, then there are several solutions. The first is simply to pump the game. Find another repack and reinstall "Sims 4". The second way, which is unlikely to please you, if you do not want to spend money on purchases, is to go to the store for a licensed game. Not the best choice, but it gives a great guarantee that the computer will let you play quietly. The last way is radical. Forget about the game. Until you decide to buy a license. The creators took good care to protect their goods from piracy.

New protection system

There is one more reason why "Sims 4" is notis started. Without "Origin" (this is a special program), this "thing" will not start. No matter how you try. No license, no pirates. So if your computer refuses to launch, for example, a licensed version of the game, and everything was fine, then, most likely, you simply forgot to include "Origin". Or authorize in it. So quickly turn on the missing element, connect to the Internet, login and proceed to the game.

why sims 4 does not start without origin

By the way, if you for some reasonlost the Internet connection, then in the "Origin" you also do not go. A small "bummer" for users. All this is done to protect licensed copies from fakes. Of course, the game itself is also stuffed with "surprises", but not today.

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