How to link "Instagram" to "Facebook": two ways


Visual content is better perceivedusers, so marketing professionals often use graphics in social networks. People like it. Also ordinary users like to publish photos on social networks, but why do it several times, duplicating pictures in each network separately? Is not it easier to learn how to connect Instagram with Facebook? Moreover, both networks support this functionality.

How is "Facebook" and "Instagram" connected?

Yes, nothing.These are two completely different social networks. They are very popular in the world, so many users have their accounts on both networks. Taking into account this fact, the management of the companies decided to co-operate, and now these networks have the functionality for interfacing accounts. However, they still remain separate social networks.

What does pairing give?

Before we tell you how to link"Instagram" with "Facebook", you need to understand what it will give. First of all, it saves time because of the possibility of cross-hosting. If you post photos on the Instagram network, you can immediately publish them in your Facebook. For this, the "Publish to Instagram" checkbox is used.

how to connect instagram with facebook

It also gives some other functions, but alreadyless obvious. For example, you will receive notifications that one of your friends has now appeared in Instagram. Also you will be able to log in to one social network using a pair of "login / password" from the other. This to some extent provides protection against the loss of the "Instagram" account (for example, if you forget the password).

How to connect "Instagram" with "Facebook"?

It is assumed that you already have accounts of both networks:

  • Open Instagram on your smartphone, go to the "Profile" tab.
  • We find the button "Menu". It has the appearance of gray squares and is located at the top and slightly to the right.
  • Click "Settings" and "Linked accounts".
  • Now look for the Facebook line and select it.
  • At this point, authorization is required on the Facebook network. Enter your login and password and click "Sign In".
  • The application requests permission to use the data by "Instagram". We agree.

how is facebook and instagram connected

That's all, we linked two accounts.Now when publishing photos in "Instagram" you can simultaneously publish them in "Facebook". Now you know how to link the "Instagram" account to the "Facebook" using the Instagram network application.

Another way to pair accounts

The next method, how to link "Instagram" to "Facebook", is also simple. It involves the use of the second social network. For this we do the following:

  • Open your profile on Facebook.
  • Go to the "Applications" tab.
  • Choose "Instagram" - "Edit".
  • There will be an item "Accessibility of the application". We need to select the "Available to all" option.
  • Now open the "Instagram" application on your smartphone.
  • Go to "Profile" - "Options" - "Publication settings". There you can choose a network "Facebook". We press.
  • We will be asked to enter a login and password for accessing the Facebook account. Enter data, but do not save it. Also, the app will offer to publish "I like" tags. Agree or not.
  • Click on the Facebook field to bring up the menu.
  • Select the option "Publish to" - "Chronicle".
  • After that, the message "Instagram wants to manage your page" will appear. Click OK.
  • Again click on the "Chronicle". That's all.

how to link an account with Facebook

All this will take you no more than two or three minutes. Now you know how to link "Instagram" with "Facebook" and will be able to do these operations yourself.

The result

After linking the two accounts, you will be able to savetime, because you do not have to upload photos to both social networks, just use one. Thanks to cross-posting your published photos in "Instagram" will be displayed in the tape on "Facebook". Of course, you can choose which photo to publish, and which is best left within the "Instagram". But there is no need to forget about additional protection for accounts.

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