How to sell things in "DotA 2" on the trading floor


The Steam system has long become very famous andpopular. Now it is used by millions of players, buying games, making gifts, participating in promotions, etc. Most of the users appeared there thanks to games such as Dota 2 or CS: GO.


how to sell things in DotA 2

For quite some time the system introduced additionalsubjects for similar games. These things changed the appearance of the hero or weapons, added certain effects and much more. In addition, they, as it turned out, could be sold for money. But at first, very few people knew where to sell things. "DotA 2" in this issue became the pioneer, then the trading platform first began to be filled with objects from this game. Over time, it has received more and more development and popularity. However, even now, not everyone knows how to sell things in DotA 2.


In order to sell things, you will need tofulfill certain conditions. First, make a purchase in the Steam system, and then wait 30 days (the period for confirming your transactions), only after that you will be granted access to the trading platform as a seller. Next, the item you are selling should not be a gift, not received with the help of a promotion, etc. That is, not all things can be sold or transferred. If you find an item that can be sold, then just click on it with the right mouse button in the game (or go to your inventory in the system itself and do the same). In the context menu, click "Sell on the trading floor", after which you will be redirected to the system. On how to sell things in DotA 2 using a trading platform, we'll tell you.


where to sell dota items 2

You will need to choose things from yourinventory, which you want to sell, as well as set the price (additional tax will also be shown to you). No one here limits you how to sell. Things in "DotA 2" are in free circulation, so you can bet absolutely any price, the question is whether you will buy them (because buyers are other players). If the item has runes, gems, etc., then such "bonuses" automatically raise its value. You can also track the dynamics of prices for this item, where it will be shown how many artifacts were sold, where and how.

To sell things in "DotA 2" is quite interesting,someone manages to make a business out of it. After setting the price and confirming your actions, your item will fall on the trading floor. Now it remains only to wait for other players to buy it. In the same way, you can buy things in the game. With the money you received from the items you can buy both other things and any other type of product in the Steam system.

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