How to turn the page in the "Ward" 2003, 2007 and 2010?


how to turn the page in a Word
Microsoft Word, despite the activitycompetitors, confidently holds a leading position and is still the most popular text editor, giving an example to other developers. The Bill Gates company has always tried to meet users, creating a simple intuitive interface that allows even a beginner to easily master all the basics of working with the software product himself. This applies equally to popular Windows, Word, Excel, and many other applications developed by Microsoft employees. With the release of new versions introduced convenient changes in the program. Consider an example of how you can turn the page in Word.

Why turn pages

The need to change the situationpage from horizontal to vertical, is to desire the most comfortable way to submit information on the sheet. It is convenient to read plain text with narrow lines, so a book version is used for it, and various drawings and block diagrams are usually placed in a landscape version so that all objects fall into the field of view and do not go beyond the boundaries. And as with the release of new versions there have been changes in the interface, it is worthwhile to understand how you can perform this action in various versions of the program.

How to turn the page in "Word 2003"

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In order to make the page turn,you need to open the "File" menu and select "Page Setup". In the opened window on the "Fields" tab there is an "Orientation" section, in which you can set the page display vertically (portrait) or horizontally (landscape).

How to turn the page in Vorde 2007

Beginning with version 2007, leaf rotationis carried out through the menu "Page layout", located on the main toolbar. Having opened it, you can find the section "Orientation". Clicking on it, select the necessary option to display the sheet.

How to turn the page in Vorda 2010

By analogy with the 2007 version, the interfacenew Word 2010. Therefore, a similar algorithm is used to rotate the sheet. The only difference between these versions is the more compact placement of some elements of the "Page layout" panel.

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How to turn the page in the Word. Universal way

This option works in all versions of the Wardprogram, as well as in all other applications for working with text. If the user does not know how to change the orientation of the page, for example, in Open Office, then he can use the universal method. It consists in double-clicking the left mouse button on the ruler, which can be seen on the right and at the top of the page. This action automatically opens the page settings window, where you can make the necessary changes.

Important information

Quite often there are cases when in one andThe same document needs both landscape and book pages. In order to implement this task, you must use the "Insert" - "Page Break" option. Setting breaks allows you to set your own orientation parameters for each separately selected page.

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