How to remove the program from the computer.


Many people do not know how to remove a program from the computer so that it is completely erased.

Most people who are not experiencedusers, delete the software using the Delete button (delete files in the Recycle Bin) or a combination of the Shift + Delete keys (full data irretrievability). Yes, of course, this can also be deleted, but in such cases the program does not completely disappear.

You may think: "How so? Why? I completely deleted the files from the local disk! ". But this is not so.

In this article, I'll teach you how to properly remove a program so that it completely disappears without leaving a trace on your hard drive.

Of course, the developers of the operating system came up with a special utility to remove unnecessary programs.

There are two ways to uninstall the program.Use the utility and do it automatically, or do it yourself. But it also happens that you have to clean up the software with your hands, since the utility did not want to delete the program, due to the lack of the main files that were manually deleted from the Program Files folder.

How to uninstall the program using the standard utility in the operating system Windows HP

First we go to the Start menu and select thereitem "Control Panel". As a result, you will have a whole list of utilities that have different purposes. Find there the "Add or Remove Programs" utility.

You will see a list of all your programs that were it is established on your computer, using the installer's wizard, rather than just copied from somewhere. For example, from a flash drive, from another hard drive or from an optical disk.

Find the program you do not need and click delete. You will still be asked if you are sure of this, click yes and the deletion will begin.

It is worth noting, If you manually delete the folder with the program, andthen tried to delete it in this way, then you will get an error message (there are no program files), and a query if you want to just delete the record about it in the system.

In this case, you have to clean something manually, because the uninstall utility did not fulfill its purpose, because of your oversight. What exactly needs to be removed will be discussed later.

How to uninstall the program using the standard utility in the operating system Windows 7

In Windows 7, developers have slightly changed the standard removal procedure. At first everything is the same. Start menu, and then the control panel. And here the interface and the names of utilities have changed a little.

Now we need the button not "Add or Remove Programs", but "Programs and Components". We click there and we will see the list of programs again. We delete not necessary.

And here there are some changes.Previously, just a dialog box was displayed from the operating system about whether to uninstall the program or not. And now it is the application that uninstalls the program from the software itself, and not from Windows.

Also added an item about deleting user data. In XP, they were deleted automatically, and then you can save them.

But the situation with deleting the folder has remained the same.

How to uninstall the program manually

If you just deleted the folder using the keyDelete / Shift + Delete, then you have to delete additional information about this program that is not in the Program Files folder. Most likely, you did not even know about it.

What else do programs have? You may have thought of removing the shortcut from the desktop and the application folder in the Start menu - All Programs, but that's not enough.

Ways for Windows 7

Go to the C: Users folder. The user name is AppDataRoaming. Then we find there a folder with your program and delete it.

Then, do the same thing in the C: Users folder. The AppDataLocal user name.

Ways for Widows HP

In XP, Windows versions are slightly different. The first path looks like this: C: Documents and Settings The user name of the Application Data.

Second: C: Documents and Settings User name Local Settings

We are doing the same here.

Thus, you delete all files from the computer associated with this program.

The final part

You, in addition to the files, will need to delete and information about this application. This information is stored in the largest OS database, called "Registry".

To enter it, you need to press "Windows" + R orStart menu - "Run". Next, enter the word Regedit. We will open the register. Using the search function, we search for information in which there is a name for your program and delete it.

That's all.

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