How to remove a program from a computer (Windows 10): several basic ways


Not every user of the tenth modificationWindows knows how to uninstall the program from the computer ("Windows 10") completely. The problem is that the standard uninstallation tool in the Control Panel, in fact, like the panel itself, is disguised quite heavily, and getting to it can be problematic. Unsurprisingly, after all, the system itself has undergone so many changes, not only in terms of the graphical interface, but also in terms of using the installed or hidden controls of it.

How to remove the program from the computer ("Windows 10") via the "Control Panel" in the standard way?

But let's start with the classical method, whichmost users are misunderstanding. First of all, as already clear, you need to get to the panel itself. Producing such actions through different kinds of menus with crossings by sections is a thankless task.

how to remove a program from a Windows computer

The easiest way is if someone does not know what to useThe console "Execute", in which the control string is prescribed. Here it just causes the classic "Control Panel", to which all are used in earlier versions of the system. Actually, the question of how to remove the program from the computer ("Windows 10"), is solved quite simply.

how to remove a program from a Windows computer 10 completely

As usual, just select the unnecessary application and press the delete button from the top. Further, either the uninstaller of the program itself, into it the built-in, or the Windows installer will work.

Both of these tools cause legitimatedoubt about the correct and complete removal of the corresponding application. Incidentally, this does not raise questions. To make sure of this, it's enough just to enter the program folder after uninstallation (and in some cases it will remain) and see how much garbage there is. Sometimes the system can report that the residual files will be deleted during the next restart, but, as practice shows, most of them still remain. But the user of their availability and does not guess.

How to quickly remove an unnecessary program from the computer ("Windows 10") with new system tools?

But many users do not know that in the tenthversion of the system, in addition to the classic panel, there is also the second - a section of parameters. And here the problem of how to remove the program from the computer ("Windows 10"), is solved in a global way.

How to remove a program from a computer in Windows 10 through the control panel

The fact is that in the list of installed applicationswill not only show those programs and packages that the user has installed, but everything that relates to the components of the system or the so-called "Store".

"Store" applets can be removed byUse the PowerShell program shell with commands based on Get-AppxPackage * The name of the built-in program * | Remove-AppxPackage. This system tool is able to delete even those applets that neither in the list of programs, nor in the system components section are displayed, and are considered uninstallable.

What could be better than an uninstaller?

However, the simplest and most acceptable formost users of the method in the question of how to remove the program from the computer ("Windows 10"), you can call the use of programs like iObit Uninstaller.

how to quickly remove an unnecessary program from your computer in windows 10

In this appendix, the list is almost entirelycopies what the user sees in the program section of the system components. The application removes not only the main components of programs, but also the remnants after their presence, including incorrect entries in the system registry, files and folders on the hard disk. The main condition for the application of such programs is the inclusion of in-depth scanning at the end of the standard removal procedure and the destruction of residual objects.

What in the end?

Actually, it is already clear that the problem of howremove the program from the computer ("Windows 10"), in the most optimal variant is solved by using a special uninstaller, since the analogs of the deleted applications and the built-in operating system tools can not withstand any criticism in comparison with the specialized tools.

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