How to configure the network in Windows 7


When developing the latest versions of the operating roomWindows systems (7 and 8) took into account all user comments collected by Microsoft over the years, while computers used the famous Windows XP - a truly long-lived project.

how to set up a network
As a result, the same Windows 7, in comparison with"Old woman" XP, became more flexible in the configuration (auto tuning was completed), which could not affect the convenience of working with this system. However, questions still arise, and one of them is about how to configure the network on windows 7.

The reasons why some usersare experiencing difficulties with the operating system, very different. This may be a difference between the interface of the new and old versions, the non-obviousness of some menu items, etc. However, all these difficulties are surmountable, especially if you know how to configure the network in windows 7, and not look for the necessary parameters yourself.

For the convenience of users, all the necessary itemsThe Center for Network Management. Something similar was in Windows XP, however, the decision in the "Seven" is more successful, as in this system the settings of local networks and the Internet are combined. This "trifle" greatly simplifies the work. To remember the location, it is enough to study once how to set up the network.

how to configure the network on windows 7
You can open the Network Management Center windowtwo ways. In our opinion, the simplest is to use the corresponding icon in the form of a small monitor in the lower right corner of the system tray. Clicking on it with the right mouse button (PCM), you can open the necessary window through the menu. Sometimes on the pages of Internet resources that describe how to configure the network, it is suggested to open the window through the "Start - Control Panel". In both cases, the result is similar, but the proposed one is still faster.

In the opened window everything is obvious - it is necessarycreate (or configure) a new connection. The item is called. Then there is a choice of several options. Usually you need the first, called "Connecting to the Internet." Before we talk further on how to configure the network, we note that the number of items on different computers may differ - this is normal, because it depends on the connected equipment (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, CDMA modem, etc.). It is important to know through which device will be accessed. So, wireless cellular modems (GPRS, EDGE, CDMA) require knowledge of the password, login and dialed telephone number. Their "item" is "Commutated". For other options, respectively, the choice will be different.

how to configure the network in windows 7

In any case, after pressing it will be openThe following window, where you are asked to enter data that the provider provides. It is recommended to check "Show signs" and "Remember password". The first possibility will allow not to be mistaken with the set, and the second one - not to enter the password / login again. It remains to click the "Connect" button. The connection will be checked and if all is OK, this connection is created and placed in the "Modify settings" tab (access from the main window of the Network Management Center). As an option - you can activate a check mark to create a shortcut on the desktop.

It should be noted that for wirelessconnections after the check and the error message, you must select "Create anyway". Apparently, in the question of how to set up the network, there is nothing complicated.

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