As in the "Avatar" to find a guy: a guide for beginners


An avatar is a virtual game that is gainingpopularity in social networks. In it everyone can not only communicate, but also create their own image, as well as go to a cafe or a bar or just walk along the street. Almost like in real life, you get a small apartment for one room. It will be your own home, which can be expanded and improved with increasing level. In your own home you can arrange various events, treat guests. How in the "Avatar" to find a guy?

How to meet in the game?

Free Avatar game

The main task is to build communication in socialnetworks with the help of virtual heroes. This is a free game, "Avatar", suitable for both children and adults, but it has a VIP room, which is located in the club. Only VIP account holders can access it. Become acquainted in the game for free you can in public places, on thesocial receptions, entertainment or a visit. Create a circle of friends easily at work. There are several categories of friends: a friend, a friend, a best friend. To make friends, it is recommended to get acquainted with the information in the passport, and only then to offer friendship with this person. This is necessary in order to find a circle of persons with common interests. You can change the friendship category. For this you need to embrace or kiss.

How to pick up a soul mate?

Find a soul mate here is difficult. Many people wonder how to find a guy in "Avataria". The most famous way is simply to offer friendships. But it's not so simple. There is a deficit with the male sex here. In addition, many guys take advantage of the situation, put forward various ultimatums to get benefits. Most often this kind of friendship is offered by men for some kind of service. This is a common deception, it is not recommended to succumb to such proposals. Many girls come across these tricks.

How to meet a guy?

How to find avatars

There are three ways, as in the "Avatar" to findthe guy. The first is to create your own event, in which to write full information about how you see your future guy. The second way: if you have enough time, and you do not hurry anywhere, then you can go to a cafe to meet you. There are many people here, it will be easy for you with any guy you like to start a conversation. First you need to talk about simple, and then, if he answers, continue the conversation. Only initially it is necessary to make sure that the young man in his passport does not have his beloved. The third way, as in the "Avatar" to find a guy: you can get acquainted through friends or through them to find out if anyone is looking for his girlfriend. You can also see if there are common interests. Then everything depends on you, whether you can ask the right thing, then you will succeed.

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