Details on how to register "VKontakte" without a phone


Everyone knows that to register the page "Вcontact "you need a phone number. The starter package is best used by the new one, so as not to untie it from an existing account. Unfortunately, the procedure of detaching a number is possible only a few times. And not to buy a new sim card every time to create a page, we will now tell you how to register "VKontakte" without a phone. The first way is quite legal. It is called "registration via Facebook."

Method # 1: How to register "In contact" without a phone

how to register in contact without a phone
In the usual diet of the project, the function for registrationthrough a foreign social network is not available for users of Russia. It is available only for foreign visitors. Therefore, in order for VKontakte to register without a number and use this method, it is necessary to make the project believe that you are not a Russian user. You will need to change the location information, thereby making the site think that you are a resident of some other country.

Making edits

You can correct the data in several ways:

• Connect the proxy server in the browser settings that you are using.
• Use a browser with built-in functionality for complete anonymity.

in contact register without a number

In order to solve the problem, howregister "VKontakte" without a phone through "Facebook", you will need to use only foreign proxies. Get them you can on special sites. So, "I want to register" In contact "", - you say. To begin with, you need to go through a similar procedure on Facebook and completely fill out the page with information. Then, after you enter the "VK" authorization page using foreign IP, you can see the "Via Facebook" button. You should click on it and it's ready. This is a free VKontakte registration without SMS. As you can see, the reception is not too complicated.

Alternative path

I want to register in contact
Let's look at other solutionsHow to register "VKontakte" without a phone. There are many websites and applications with which you can fool the social network and get a new page. One such project is This system independently selects a mobile phone number, with which you can create an account. So, what is needed to get the data? First we go to the specified site and register. To do this you will need an e-mail address and some information. From the top, select the "Activation" and "Get number" tab. Then choose the social network "VKontakte". You can write that now all the operators are busy, and you will need to wait. After one or two minutes try again. After several unsuccessful attempts, you still get the number. You can use it at registration. The social network "VKontakte" will send the code. After that you will need to go back to the service and click on the "Finish" button. In the field near the number you entered when registering, you will be able to see the code. Copy and paste it on the Create New Account page.

Features of Choose IP Country

free registration vkontakte without sms
There is an excellent program that will tell you howregister "in contact" without a phone. First, you need to create an e-mail. Then open the Choose IP Country program and select Turkey. Go to the site, click "Free test" and choose a phone number. You will receive a sign to fill in the information, there you must enter your number, to which you will call the robot, when registering "VKontakte." Then click Sign Up. Check e-mail, you should receive two messages. Open the first letter and press CUCK HERE. Click Add voice app, enter the name VK. Then copy the phone number. We pass to the registration field "In contact", we enter the country of Israel and copy the phone number from the program. After that, your number will be called by the robot and dictated the activation code. Enter this code, come up with a password and click "Login". That's all, you created a new page "In Contact." As an afterword, we note that among the Russian-speaking services that provide a virtual phone number, you can pay special attention to SMSC, as the services of this resource are provided free of charge. By the way, all the stages of registration of "VC", not related to the number, have a standard procedure.

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