How do I set the default browser? Tips and Tricks


If the Internet browser installed in thethe operating system by default, for some reason does not suit the user, the latter can easily replace a more convenient or faster, especially since browsers have developed a lot today.

How to set the default browser
How do I set the default browser? First, you need to download your favorite browser to your computer from the developer's site. Most people limit the choice of the four leaders: Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and less often Safari.

The easiest way to make a columnistis to press "Yes" when such a sentence appears when it starts, but it appears almost always, because in all browsers this action is configured by default.

If the application is configured so that the message does not appear, you can make the browser main in its settings or through the computer management system.

How to install the default browser in the "PanelYou should enter the "Default Programs" section, and then go to "Set default applications." In the left column, select the desired object, then in the field on the right you will be asked to make the selected application the main way by pressing the button with the green arrow. Complete the settings by clicking "OK."

firefox default browser

How to set the default browser, if it isFirefox? Open it, click on the "FireFox" icon on the top left, enter the "Settings" section, then in the "Advanced" section. At the bottom find the line "Check if FF is the main browser" and click on the "Check" button, and a window will open with a suggestion to assign FF to the browser by default. Click "Yes" and close the settings window by clicking "OK". Now FireFox is the default browser.


How to make the main browser Opera?Start the browser, call up the settings window with the keys Ctrl + F12. Select the "Advanced" section, the "Programs" tab. Near the box "Check whether Opera is the main browser" put a tick and click "OK". The settings have been saved, now Opera is the main browser.


How to set the default browser, if it isSafari? Open the browser window and click on the settings icon at the top right. In the window that appears, enter the "Basic" section. At the topmost point, the current browser is listed by default and a drop-down list with browsers installed on the computer is displayed. Select "Safari" and close the window. The settings have been changed.

set google chrome by default
Google Chrome

How to set Google Chrome by default?Start the browser and click the settings icon in the upper right corner. Open the page scroll down to the "Default Browser" item. Below is the field in which it is proposed to make Chrome the main browser. After clicking on this field, it becomes the main one.

the Internet Explorer

How to designate Internet Explorer as the main browser?This browser is primarily the primary in the Windows system. To make it the default program again, open the settings window by clicking on the "gear" icon in the upper right corner. In the list that appears, select "Internet Options", then "Programs". In the section "Browser by default" it is suggested to make it IE, for which you need to click "Use by default" and finish the process by clicking "OK".

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