Programming for Android: how to start creating your own applications and games?


Programming is one of thosedirections, where everyone can feel himself as a creator. Usually it means the development of applications for personal computers, units of production equipment or simply for electronic homemade products. But with the proliferation of touchscreen mobile devices, programming for Android, iOS, or another system shell of this type is becoming more popular. Well, I must admit, the occupation is promising. Therefore, within the framework of the article, we will consider how to start programming with Android from scratch. What features are there? What language is used?

Creating programs

programming for android

Before you write programs yourself, you need to learn all the necessary components for this:

  1. Language.
  2. Select the development environment. In the language we will stop in detail, as, indeed, and on the software products, where applications will be created. But first, let's talk a little about development environments. Conditionally they can be divided into three components:
  • graphic;
  • conventional;
  • online.

To create programs, it should be noted that nowit is difficult to put forward an idea that would not have been previously worked out. Therefore, if there is a problem or simply in the absence of knowledge, it is necessary to correctly formulate the misunderstanding that has arisen and turn to more experienced programmers. They can help in the creation of programs by constructive advice.

In what language are the programs written?

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For this purpose, Java is used. It should be noted that this is a rather complex programming language. But you do not need to know it completely to create your own applications. It will be sufficient to have basic knowledge and skills of working with background information in order to get answers to your questions. In addition, there are certain blanks, using which you can do some steps to create an application without significant problems. Then programming for Android turns into a pleasure.

Choose a typical development environment

As the most serious playersConsider Eclipse and the Android SDK. They are both free. In general, it should be noted that these development environments are serious competitors, and each of them has a number of strengths and weaknesses. Each of them should be studied. Separately, let us just dwell on one aspect of the Android SDK - the emulator. It is a program that poses as a phone or tablet, which works on the basis of "Android." The emulator works quietly on an ordinary computer and looks like a standard mobile device on the desktop. There is a unique feature - it is controlled by the mouse and keyboard, and not by a finger. In the emulator you can test the application for various screen extensions, as well as on different versions of the mobile operating system "Android". Therefore, no matter how strange it may sound to you, but during the development of applications aimed at Android, to have a phone is not necessary.

What do you need to develop your application?

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You do not need to create your own programhiring a programmer - you will only need to spend your own time and effort. But for the publication of the application in the "Playmarket" will need to share with Google "$ 25. But this amount pays with interest if an application was created that could create a permanent audience of several thousand people. Monetization can be carried out through in-game services or through the placement of advertising.

Graphical development environments

This option is suitable for those who do not know aboutprogramming in general, but wants to get its application here and now. First, you should familiarize yourself with the description and capabilities of the graphical development environment. So, some can only place the simplest elements and attach to them a minimal functional. It is better not to use such resources, because with their help it will be difficult to understand the logic of work and create a developed end product. It is desirable to make a selection for such parameters:

  1. Presence of the intuitively clear interface.
  2. Use of understandable work logic.
  3. The ability to create elements in the graphic and code modes.
  4. Availability of documentation for working with the development environment and support forum.

Online Development Environment

programming under android from scratch
They can provide a fairly broadFunctional in a simple access point - the Internet. "Online development environment" - probably, this says it all. Although it should be clarified that programming games for Android is still not an easy task. So, the most difficult to implement shooters and similar in complexity applications. But programs with text processing and data transfer are easy.


We hope that the questions on the first steps towardsthe creation of their programs is no more. If you decide to seriously engage in programming, then you can use the special literature. For example, the book "Programming for Android" Hardy Brian. Of course, this is not the only good work, but with something you need to start. And with the introduction to this manual, you can start the path to success.

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