Types of Canon printers and the characteristics of this technique


Love to make interesting photos and want toto buy equipment for printing? You can do a good business in photos! How to choose a printer? How do they differ from each other? Canon printers are a smart thing. There are several types, but the most common ones are inkjet and laser.

Inkjet Photo Printers

The technique is inexpensive. Operation will cost more. It has a liquid color, which refills a special cartridge - a container for paint. Colors are fed in a certain amount to the print head, which splashes the contents onto the paper through microscopic nozzles. Inkjet photoprinters are the most profitable for home experiments, they print color photographs of any size and fine quality, and not just black and white texts. Canon bubblejet s630 took here. Some models have improved technologycolor paints, it requires a small drop of color to ensure the smallest graininess of the pattern. They are equipped with two capacities for black and color printing, the cartridge for color drawing includes three colors simultaneously, and sometimes 6 or 9, depends on the photo printer. You can print photos without a computer directly through PictureBridge technology and that's not all, they have wi-fi and Bluetooth support. Inkjet printer costs about 1500 r.

Advantages of inkjet printers

1) Inexpensive cost

2) Color bright printing

3) Low power consumption


1) Expensive printing

2) Small cartridge refill

3) The paint is located to dry

4) Cartridges do not refill

Laser printers

Such printers print with toner - powder,which is in the cartridge, and transfer it to a paper page using pressure and hot air. There are only two types - black and white and color. Black and white technique is called laser. This equipment is expensive, it is bought in offices or printing houses, there is no better photo inkjet printer for the home, the laser type is used for economical writing of a large volume. It costs about 4000 r.

Advantages of laser printers:

1) When purchasing it, think about the amount of exploitation.

2) Repeated refilling of cartridges.

3) Capacity for printing is sufficient for 1500 or 2000 sheets

4) Inexpensive price performance.

5) There is no threat of drying the cartridge


1) Expensive value.

2) There is no color printing.

3) It consumes a lot of electricity, about 250-400 watts.

That's all you need to know to purchase thisTechniques: what are the main types exist, their advantages and disadvantages. Now with the knowledge you can go to the store to choose a printer. Do not forget only about the purpose of your purchase!

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