How do I remove VKSaver from my computer?


The vastness of the Internet is filled with diverseapplications for downloading audio and video from the social network VKontakte. Among them are paid and free, both working and fraudulent, for any choice. One of the popular programs of this category is VKSaver. However, many users who installed this program, noted unusual phenomena that occur with the computer. Often there was no button to download music or video, and if it was, then often when downloading the page "crashed". In addition, there was a catastrophic growth of viruses. That's why many people after a short use of this application decided to remove VKSaver. However, it often turned out that this is not so simple.

remove vksaver

In this article, we will describe several ways how to remove VKSaver.

Method 1: How to uninstall VKSaver using standard Windows tools

To do this, go to the Control Panel (sectionPrograms and Applications / Add or Remove Programs). In the drop-down list we find the name of our program and click "Delete". If this method works, then very well. However, many people often point out that the VKSaver program name does not appear in the list of installed programs, or when it is deleted, it is indicated that the application can not be deleted because it is used by another process. In this case, proceed to the next item.

 How to remove vksaver error

Method 2: How to remove VKSaver using the system registry

In any case, the program is present in the menuauto-loading. This is evidenced by the fact that when you start the computer, its icon appears in the panel in the lower right corner. To properly uninstall the program, you must remove it from the Startup menu. To do this, go to the Start menu, then click Run / msconfig / Startup. Here, remove the checkmark in front of VKSaver. You need to reboot for the changes to take effect. Further, after
the above actions, we typea combination of Win + R (command line) and type in the line the word regedit. We have access to the registry entries. In the search (Ctrl + F) we type the name of our program, we delete all the dropped search results. It is necessary to remember that before you remove VKSaver from the registry, you need to make a backup copy (File / Export / Save to removable disk (or on any other non-system disk)). After that, delete all the shortcuts of the program and scan the system for viruses. We reboot the computer.

how to remove vksaver program

Method 3: How to remove VKSaver automatically
To date, there is a large selectionUtilities that remove applications not used on the computer. They are called de-installers. If you do not know which one to choose, you can google and read user reviews. You can also purchase a demo version of the paid program, usually its validity is 30 days. The most popular utilities for uninstalling are Revo Uninstaller Pro and Free Uninstall It. In addition to the full-scale cleaning of the hard disk from the unnecessary software, these applications have many other useful functions. After the expiration of the shareware period, you can purchase a key.

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