The best status with meaning: choice from a variety of options


To date, it is rarely possible to meeta person who does not use the Internet. The bulk of people gather in social networks. Life is simply boiling there. Among the millions of users who are on the social network, it's easy to get lost. What to do in order not to mingle with the gray mass? This is easy enough - you just need to establish the best status with meaning. A couple of mouse clicks - and you're irresistible.

What are the statuses for?

the best status with meaning

Active Internet users oftenestablish on their pages different statuses. They are noteworthy in that they touch upon a great variety of subjects: they can concern emotions, politics, life and much more. If the status has a rather profound meaning, it can serve as an occasion for reflection. It may dawn on a person that there is some plain truth before him, which he did not pay attention to, although he always faced it. An interesting status can highlight a user from the gray mass. In addition, visitors to the page may get the impression that they are an intelligent and deep person. Let's consider good good statuses with meaning.

Statuses for girls

  • On a nice girl, men usually think that she is not free, but in reality she cries at night because of her loneliness.
  • Remember: you are at home alone! Take care of yourself.
  • The girl is an extraordinary creature: crumbling to pieces, breaking into splinters, she patiently glues her soul to become even better and more magnificent.
  • In a woman, two things should be beautiful, namely, eyes and lips. Because, looking at the man, she can take hold of his heart, and kissed him, show him his love.
  • Guys should understand that if a woman is happy, then everyone will be happy - her children, her husband, her parents, her cat and cockroaches!
  • Folk wisdom says that even if a woman starts to meet for a meeting in advance, she will still come late.

Pay attention to the last quotation - perhaps,this is the best status with meaning, since it reflects reality. Some may disagree, but most girls are really late. And often they themselves can not explain why this happens. It seems to be going fast, it took only a few minutes for makeup, but still late. Indeed, it is not entirely clear what this may be related to. But consider a few more statuses.

good good status with meaning

  • A girl feels happy only if she knows that a loved one will always support her, no matter what happens.
  • A woman who closes her eyes to a lot and silently suffers for a long time, often leaves at the most unexpected moment and does not return.
  • Even if the girl has a strong character, she is looking for a man who would surpass her in this. After all, any woman wants to feel weak sometimes.
  • Still, the girls know how to stand on their own: despite the wind blowing in the face, they with enviable stamina smooth the bangs to make it lie beautifully ...

Funny statuses

It should not be forgotten that good statuses are helped by good statuses with meaning. Funny evidence that a person at the moment is joyful and fun. Consider them.

  • As soon as the first snowball had already fallen out and the first cold day had come. Faster would be the New Year, and after him and Christmas, then on February 23, and then on March 8. In general, I'm looking forward to summer.
  • Everyone understands that falling in love is followed by disappointments and misfortunes, but for some reason they are only happy to step on these rakes every time.
  • It's better to be a bit crazy and strange, to carry crazy and non-standard ideas in your head, than not to differ from the stool that stands near your table.
  • I do not want to put up with the fact that life is like a zebra, let it be better colorful, like a parrot!

Choosing the best status with meaning, it is important to be guided by your own taste. Install the one that you liked most.

very good statuses with meaning

A few more statuses

  • It happens that dreams come true not as we expected, but even better.
  • Do not be afraid to take risks! If you win, you will have happiness, and if you fail, you will become a truly wise person.
  • Until I found out what rumors circulate about me ... It would never occur to me that so many interesting things happen in my life!
  • It is proved: if you want to gain attention from some person, you must persistently ignore it.

Think about the last quote. Smart people believe that this is the best status with meaning, because it corresponds to reality.

good statuses with meaning funny

And finally

  • A truly modest girl will not make a remark to you, if you accidentally express yourself with a mate - she will ask what the word means.
  • Maturity is given to us so that we will realize all our desires, which we think as babies.
  • Close your eyes and imagine it's a nightmare. I always do that.
  • Conscience is, but I leave it at home. I am afraid to lose.

So, now you understand that very good statuses with meaning can be found in a huge amount. But the most important thing is not to make a mistake with the choice.

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