I love you - a virus of overwhelming love


I love you - a virus that entered the Guinness Book of World Records with the status of the most destructive malicious code in the world.


On May 4, 2000, a new virus was released to the network,quickly capturing more than 3 million computers. The speed of the spread of "love fever" beat all records thanks to fan mailing to the address books of users.

Thanks to the intriguing headline of the letter, which contained the virus, most computer owners could not resist the temptation to open it, which led to such a catastrophe.

computer virus love

I love you (virus) was released in the Philippines,so Asia was the first to suffer from its destructive effect, followed by Europe and Russia. Reports of infections as much as the companies received in large quantities, and after 3 days the amount of damaged computers was estimated at more than 2 million copies.


The program code was distributed via electronic messages through attachments in a letter with a tempting title I love you.

This virus comes from the Philippines, and its originalthe creation was attributed to a certain Reonele Ramones. However, during a search in the house of a young man, not a single computer was found. Then, in the program code of the FSB virus, the "signatures" of other students of the computer school in Manila were deciphered, but this time the accusations were not confirmed.

i love you virus

Only a few months later was the truethe creator - Onel de Guzman. But ... the legislation of the Philippines did not punish computer hooliganism, so all the requirements to start the proceedings were ignored at that time.

I love you is a virus that copies itself and sends it after the user performs the attached file at the email addresses found in the victim's contacts.

How the virus works

After the first launch of the "love letter"copies itself to the system directory and registry OS, and then scans the computer in search of multimedia files. Having found the desired, the virus changes the data expansion, at times making them invisible to the user. After that I love you starts fan mailing to the addressees and downloads a program for stealing passwords, sending information to the e-mail of the code creator.

i love you virus

However, the computer virus love2000 letter. Since then, the Code has undergone strong modifications, and if his earlier actions are harmful only multimedia files, then over time, everything changed. The new version of the "love letter" lead to failure of the computer, remove, or edit INI and BAT system files that are responsible for loading the machine.

About precautions

Some people still surf the Internetvirus, but they are less and less, because the Kaspersky Lab has long developed a program capable of recognizing any modification of the "love message". The software checks the script before execution, and if it finds signs of malicious code in it, prevents it from starting.

However, the already active virus I love you(the creator of this muck - Onel de Guzman) can not be stopped - it can only be deleted, losing the affected files. To avoid such consequences (especially for users who do not consider it necessary to protect their PC), it is better not to download any suspicious attachments, even if they came with a letter from a friend. It is worthwhile once again to clarify with the friend what is in them, and make sure that the e-mail was really sent by a person, and not by a malicious program.

Destiny de Guzman

In general, the prosecution fell on Onela on his ownnonsense: he was still at his time as a student trying to present as a thesis a virus that steals user passwords and sends them by e-mail to other people. The young man believed that this would benefit the users and reduce their costs on the Web.

virus i love you creator

Teaching staff, of course, this step is notapproved, but de Guzman did not abandon the development of the program. As it was said earlier, the accusation was not hanged on the former student - in his favor the imperfect legislation of the Philippines and the lack of evidence played. The young man himself answered questions about the virus very ambiguously. According to his testimony, it turned out that the script was written not by him, but it was he who released the program into the world.

However, in 2010 another version appeared. According to her, I love you - a virus written by classmate de Guzman. He was in love with the girl Onela, and to take revenge, created a malicious script, including in it the development of the student. Then he hacked the mailbox of his lover and sent him a letter with a virus from Onal. Thus, it turns out that the guzman's guilt can only be considered indirect, since he became the distributor of the epidemic as a victim, not a creator.

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