About how to insert a video into the video


In fact, not many users know,as in the video add a picture or photo. Add a picture to the video can be in almost any specialized program that is designed for video editing.

If you still needed to find out howinsert into the video picture, then you absolutely do not need a long time to look for a program to solve this problem. You can use the standard program for video processing, which is called MovieMaker. Of course, not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance, because in order to produce image and video compatibility, you will need to use an additional program that can be used to work with layers, masks, and transparency. We recommend that you use the AfterEffects program, which, in our opinion, is the best tool for these tasks.

Video editor

how to insert a video in the video
The AfterEffects program is not basic,accordingly, does not go with the operating system, so you will need to download it from the Internet. When everything is ready, you can start solving the question of how to put a picture in the video.

Basic solution

how to put a picture in a video
If you need to make sure that the selectedThe photo just appeared on a certain minute in the video, then you should upload your video file, as well as a photo in the MovieMaker program. To download the video, we use the special option "Import video", and for the photo, respectively, "Import images." Two tabs you can find in the special window "Operations with movies", however, if earlier you already had to deal with the program, then you know where these options are located.

At the borders

If you need to learn how to insert into a videoimage at the very beginning or the end, then we find the folder with this image, after that we transfer it to the editing table, directly in the program install it in the right place. In order to install a picture in the middle of the video, you need to select a new frame with your picture and paste it into the desired location. Completely not necessarily it should be the middle, you can set the picture right after the first frame if necessary.

how to add a picture to the video

Sometimes it may be necessary to set the picture tothe exact place, for this in the program you can use the special function "Divide", and after the partition, we establish a picture between the created frames. If necessary, you can create a transition between the picture and the video. In the options you can find many different transitions that you can use in the video, before each transition you can see. After selecting the transition that best suits you, you simply drag it to the split of the frame, at the beginning of the frame before the picture and after the photo. You can change the transition time yourself, this is done in the settings window. To change the transition time, you should go to the "Tools" tab, then go to "Options". There you can find the tab of additional parameters, where the duration of the transition is set.

Now you know how to insert a picture into the video,but at the final stage it is necessary to save the video with the installed image. To do this, go to the window of operations with filters, and then click on the button "Saving on the computer."


Now let's talk about how to add photosin the video and eventually get a frame for the photo or add other effects (for example, you can create a beautiful landscape on the photo itself). To do this, you will need to use the AfterEffects program.

how to add photos to videos
First of all, upload a video and a photo toprogram, this is done using the File menu, then click on the Import button and select a video and a photo on the computer. Now your task is to put two files loaded into the program into one Timeline palette. If it turns out that the photo overlaps a certain part of the video, then it should be placed on the first (upper) layer. Add various effects you can in the options menu of the program. If you do not know English, then we recommend that you download the cracker for this program for full-fledged work. This is the question of how to insert a video in the video, for sure you will be exhausted.

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