How to change the language in Skyrim: preparing to use the console


Today we will try to make out with you,How to change the language in Skyrim. In general, this topic can not be interpreted unambiguously. That's why we'll look at it from all sides. Do not be afraid that it will not work. All methods are fairly simple, and even a novice user can cope with them. So we begin.

how to change the language in skyrim

In Game

Let us proceed, perhaps, to the simplest version,which only we can meet, if we ask the question: "How to change the language in Skyrim?" The thing is that now we are talking about changing the interface of the game. It's very simple, because no one will confuse the user.

In order to learn how to change the language"Skyrim," we'll have to look into your toy settings. To do this, run it, and then go to the line you need. Choose there "Language", put out the one you want (usually it's English or Russian), and then save the changes. That's all the problems. Nothing complicated. When you start, you'll notice that the settings are displayed right. But this is not the only variant of the development of events. The point is that there is another rather interesting question concerning our topic.

For the console

Want to understand how to change the language in "Skyrim" to use the console? Then one of the suggested methods will help you. After all, this task, as a rule, is carried out with the help of them.

The first option, it should be noted, is quite simple. To do this, you need to set English (or Russian) language in your operating system settings. Open "Start", and then "Control Panel". There you will have to find "Language and Regional Standards". Next, go to the "Keyboard layout". In the "Default" setting, select "English" and save the changes. That's all. Now you know how to change the language in Skyrim.

how to change the language in Skyrim

In truth, if you try simplyswitch the keyboard layout, it does not help. A certain oversight of the creators. Or maybe it was invented to complicate the process of using the game console. However, the given riddle should not excite us.

From file

Another rather interesting technique thatwill help answer the question of how to change the language in "Skyrim" - is the use of a special game settings file. It is in it that we will expose the necessary parameter to us.

Find the "Skyrim.ini" file in "My Documents".Open it with Notepad, and then find the line Console. Give it English and save the changes. You can run the game and watch the result. It is this technique, as a rule, used by advanced gamers. Now you also know how to change the language in Skyrim in different ways.

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