Checking computer for errors is an important element of computer operation


During the operation of a personal computeror a laptop, sooner or later, there may be failures or malfunctions in its operation. This can be expressed in different ways: in unexpectedly turning off or rebooting the device, braking or hanging during operation. There may be several reasons, the main ones being RAM errors, software problems and hard drive problems. The latter happen most often. To determine and eliminate these causes, the computer checks for errors.

computer check for errors
There are two main ways to perform the required diagnostics of the hard disk. First, you can use Windows native tools, the second one is to use one of the many third-party programs.

First, let's look at how the test is performedthe computer for errors with the help of staff tools. First, go to "My Computer", where we find the logical drive we need, then select "Properties" - "Service" - "Check Disk for Errors" and click on "Perform Scan".

Then there are two options: or the hard disk will start scanning, or a message will appear that the disk is busy and verification is impossible now. You do not need to get scared, it just happens when the operating system boots up again. You can immediately restart the computer and before starting the system will be watching the screen for the entire scanning process. After its completion, you will see the corresponding inscription. In the event that errors are detected, Windows will try to fix them.

hard disk scanning
Checking the computer for errors in this way bysome reason may not suit you. In this case, use one of the third-party programs that test hard disks. MHDD has a lot of good reviews. In brief, we will consider how to use it.

The functionality of this program is quite powerful.It diagnoses drives that run under Windows OS, with SCSI / IDE / SATA interfaces, and also works with external storage media, RAID arrays. Performs a scheduled scan and sends results via email. This is a very good program for the hard drive. Windows 7 is also supported, which is important.

First of all, we download the program we need. By the way, it is recommended to use not the latest version, complex, but, for example, 2.8,

program for hard disk windows 7
which is simpler.Run the executable file and in the main window select the disk that we will check. Press SMART and a window will appear with the "Start" and "Stop" buttons. We press the first one - the computer will begin to check for errors. After its termination, it is necessary to pay attention to the colors of the emerging rectangles that fill the map of the surface of the hard disk. Usually they are colorful. If you start to appear rectangles that have a green color, then this indicates the problems of the disk. It would not hurt to take care of backing up the most important information. And, below, there is a section of rectangles marked with the letter "B". So, if this section is defined and begins to be filled, then this also does not bode well for your device. Here you already need to perform the hard drive treatment.

In conclusion

In order for the results of the check to bethe most adequate, and the HDDScan program did not fail, you need to disable all programs on the computer, first of all antivirus and the Internet, before running the scan.

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