How to make a calendar in Excel using a template


Everybody knows Excel as a program for working withspreadsheets, but few people even realize that it can be used to create a calendar. In this article, we'll talk about how to make a calendar in Excel. This process is quite laborious, but in order not to overburden novice users, everything will be explained very simply, without any unnecessary trifles.

Creating a Template

So, before you make a calendar in Excel,you must create an appropriate template. To do this, select "File" in the upper left corner. Still there is a possibility that you will have it called Office. Then choose "Create". As soon as you do, a lot of different templates will appear. As many could already guess, from the whole list you need to select a template called "Calendar".

as in excel to make a calendar

To facilitate and thereby speed up searches,You can use the choice of partitions if this option is present in your version of Excel. If so, select the appropriate item from the drop-down list. If there is no such option, then you can use the search. To do this, enter the word "Calendar". In either case, you will see different variants of templates. Choose the one that you like more. With the first stage, we figured out, now you can start a conversation about how to make Excel in Excel.

Change the date

If you select one of the templates, you will see a calendargrid. Most likely, the date will not coincide with the day of the week, and this is normal. We just need to manually create a calendar date in Excel. In each template, it varies in different ways, but we now consider a more or less universal way to change it. You need to choose a year. After you do this, look for the button on which the down arrow (▼) is drawn. Click it. Now you will have options. Configure all the necessary options.

how to make a dropdown calendar in excel

To change the first date of the week, click on itand in the menu, determine the desired day. By the way, some templates have hints. By and large, they are not needed and only spoil the look of the calendar, so if they interfere with you, you can simply delete them. We have almost figured out how to make a calendar in Excel, but that's not all. Of course, we set the date, the days of the week, the year, and we can start using the calendar, but we still need to talk about how to change the design of the calendar.

Change of design and input of events

It is possible that the appearance you madecalendar, you may not be arranged. Then there is good news - you can change it. Just about this now and we'll talk. Can interact with any element: a number, day of week, year, month, etc. For example, to change the font, select the desired item on the "Home" tab, select a suitable font... You can also change the fill, the height of the symbol, make italics, or underscore, that is, anything.

excel to make the date of the calendar

It is also possible to add events.This is done very simply. Move the cursor to the desired date and click the left mouse button. Start typing data. After hovering over this number, the entered event appears before you. By the way, if you wanted to learn how to make a drop-down calendar in Excel, then its development is rather complicated, and to describe everything, you need a separate article. But there are special macros and add-ins for the program. You just need to download them, and you can download any calendar you like. Installation recommendations will be included.

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