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What could be more interesting for someone who recentlybought a home, than sitting at the computer to create the interior of your dreams? If before this was necessary, having got inspiration to take a pencil in hand, now there is enough computer, mouse with a keyboard and, of course, programs for creating an interior.

About what programs in the category of home design are the most common and popular - this material.

The first program for creating an interior, owhich I would like to talk about is called 3D Home Architect Home Design. Like most similar products, this software is available for money, the estimated cost is about $ 40. For this amount, you are given opportunities such as choosing wallpaper colors, upholstery, textures of wooden surfaces and flooring materials. The program monitors the location of objects and signals the user about all the errors noticed by her. But that's not all, for the zealous owners 3D Home Architect will calculate all the upcoming costs for redevelopment.

Under number two, we have a program for creatingThe interior is called Planit Millenium. Its purpose is to help salons, design studios and manufacturers of various furniture in their constant struggle for the customer. With the help of this product, you can easily and easily develop the project of furnishing your house, whereof you only need to specify the size of the rooms, and Planit Millenium will fit all the elements for planning. When you finish arranging the furniture, it will show how the chosen solution will look in reality, where it allows you to look at the resulting interior with different types and intensity of lighting. But this "talents" of the Polish program does not end, it also helps you arrange the furnishings in the most optimal way.

In recent versions, there are opportunities to create your own furniture models, in which you can change the smallest details and elements, and then consider the resulting pattern in all angles.

The next point of the review will be a comprehensivea solution called VisiCon. This program for creating an apartment design is especially good when developing several variants of redevelopment and design projects of apartments. Its creators tried to arrange the interface elements, menus, basic functions, prompts so that the user had the impression that he worked all his life with this wonderful product.

All actions are intuitive and studyVisiCon features occur right in the process of using. Lazy guys, this program for creating an interior was prepared by the "Project Wizard", with its help you can prepare a complete room plan in just a few minutes, setting only the dimensions.

The main tasks of the product are:

Creating an accurate layout of the room from one to several rooms the size.

Help in the visualization of the furniture arranged on the premises and other elements of the interior.

Development of ready-made projects for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, hallways, living rooms on the basis of libraries, which are modeled as close to real models as possible.

In conclusion, I will tell you about the ArCon programHome & Landscape, a new version of this package came out with an additional landscape library. It embodies the rich opportunities to create not only buildings and interiors, but, as the name implies - ArCon is able to develop projects of a variety of landscapes.

This program for creating an interior or projectbuilding, is useful not only to the architect, but also to the builder, designer, and also to the simple inhabitant who has wanted independently to reschedule the house or a summer residence. It will also help those who design multi-storey houses, professionally develop landscape solutions and design estimates of different types of buildings, from cottages to office buildings.

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