Fifa World does not start - what should I do?


To date, the Fifa series has been releasedevery year in one piece. You could play both in single player mode and with friends on the network. However, this seemed to the developers a little, and very recently they launched an original and unusual project, which was called Fifa World. In it, you can not just play on the network, but become part of a virtual community. You will be able to conduct matches and participate in championships, receive prizes and take the highest positions in the rankings. However, it should be noted that many players even launch this game can cause difficulties. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at what exactly can cause such a problem, as well as what are the various ways to solve it. Fifa World does not start not because the game itself is buggy - it's already patched, it fixes all the flaws found, so the problem you need to look for in your computer.

Problems with launching

fifa world does not start

When you download the game and want to activate it,The fact that Fifa World does not start can be very frustrating for you. Unfortunately, this happens quite often, and in a variety of ways. For example, some gamers play the game and they can even play matches with bots, but when they start looking for a real opponent, the search simply lasts forever, constantly starting again. In some cases, the game starts to run, a black screen appears with the download indicator, but nothing else happens. Well, someone just does not turn on the game, throwing it on the desktop and periodically reporting any error. In all these cases, gamers do not get the opportunity that they were promised - to play in Fifa World. Do not start the game? Then you should not waste time - it's time to look for the cause and solve the problem.

File path and account name

why fifa world does not start

Unfortunately, the most common problem of allthe last episodes Fifa migrated to the version of the World. If you do not start Fifa World, then you need to check if all the paths to the files you have are given in English. This means that everywhere, starting from the root directory to the folder containing the game files, there should not be a single Russian letter - otherwise the game will not start. As mentioned earlier, the same problem accompanies all the latest Fifa games, as well as many other projects. Therefore, it is better for you to immediately take care of the fact that everything has been named in English - then the problems will be much less. Do not forget to also change the name of the account to English, because it also has its impact. If this method does not help you, and you are still wondering why Fifa World does not start, you need to try other options.

checking for updates

does not start fifa world origin

Before every game launch is recommendedto check whether the developers of the game have released for it updates, patches or updates. If you do not run Fifa World (Origin), most likely, you have an outdated version of the game, so it can not sync with the game servers. To get rid of this problem, you need to start updating your version - then a special program will check for new files on the server, and if they are available, it downloads them and installs them. After that you can try to start the game again - most likely, it will work. However, if you do not start Fifa World Beta, then this method will not help you. The beta version is a version of the game that has not yet been completed, it is raw material that is provided to players for familiarization and testing. Accordingly, if you have a beta version, then it makes no sense to download updates, because they are intended for the full version of the game.

Compatibility Mode

fifa world beta does not start

Sometimes in solving problems with running the game FifaWorld you can help the inclusion of compatibility mode. Most often this problem can be found on Windiws Vista, but on other OS it meets. It's quite easy to solve - you just need to right-click on the shortcut through which you start the game, and in the properties to enable compatibility mode by selecting Windows XP SP2 as a minimum. As a result, this change should favorably affect the game, and it can finally make money.

Installing the distribution

Modern games require installationadditional software, so you should definitely check if there is anything on your computer. The distribution can be the main reason that when you start Fifa World you receive an error message. Install the latest versions of DirectX, VCRedist and other similar programs, so that the game could use their bases at startup. Please note that these applications are needed not only to run Fifa World, but also for other computer games, so it is recommended that you constantly check that you have the latest version for each of the distributions. And then, most likely, you will have fewer problems both with launching and with the game itself. If it does not help you, then it's better to contact the technical support of the developer right away.

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